Five Ways to Prepare Your Network for the Onslaught of Faster Wi-Fi Devices

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Take Control of Your Applications

In today's corporate environments, plenty of "non-business" traffic is making its way onto the wireless network, and that can slow Wi-Fi performance and affect productivity. Apple's latest updates, for instance, make it even more likely for users to stream media, back up to iCloud, and use AirPlay for transfers over Wi-Fi, and affect performance.

Application control allows systems administrators to prioritize business-critical applications by device, time of day and organization in order to ensure that non-business applications like Facebook, You Tube and Pandora (for example) are not congesting corporate networks. Optimizing a Wi-Fi network with application control delivers predictable application performance and an improved user experience. When choosing a wireless solution, it is critical to understand the granularity in which you can control and prioritize applications on your network.

The latest mobile devices entering the market (e.g. the iPhone 6 with projected sales of 100 million in the first six months) are bigger and faster. Many new devices are now enabled with 802.11ac – the latest Wi-Fi standard with three times faster speeds than previous generations. With ever-increasing functionality and performance, these devices are draining wireless network bandwidth like never before. This creates a challenge for network administrators trying to maintain a good user experience for everyone on their existing wireless networks, many of which are already congested.

So, with faster devices showing up on networks today, how can organizations make sure their wireless is ready now? In this slideshow, Bruce Miller, vice president of product marketing at Xirrus, explores five ways admins can plan for supporting today's faster mobile devices and the pending transition to 802.11ac.


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