Five Tips for Improving Collaboration Tool ROI

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Five Tips for Improving Collaboration Tool ROI

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Axceler®, a leader in enterprise collaboration governance, administration and migration solutions, recently announced the results from its "SharePoint Governance Maturity Benchmark" survey, which finds that while businesses understand the value of SharePoint, a lack of governance is resulting in poor alignment with business goals, low user adoption and ultimately, reduced return on SharePoint investments.

Of the 1,000 SharePoint administrators and business professionals surveyed over the past year, although 67.2 percent said SharePoint governance is extremely or very important to their business, only 26 percent admitted to having a very well-defined governance strategy, with 51 percent admitting their business has not implemented any form of governance strategy. These results show a significant disconnect -- while businesses are embracing collaboration suites such as SharePoint within their organizations, there is confusion over who owns the management, compliance and end-user success of these platforms.

Any SharePoint or enterprise collaboration governance strategy should empower, not prohibit, employees to leverage the platform to their advantage by tapping into the organization's collective intelligence and be more efficient. Based on these results, this slideshow features governance recommendations for businesses that have deployed or are thinking about implementing SharePoint or another collaboration tool within their organization.