Five Things that Field Workers Hate and How to Fix Them

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Time Sheets and Job Forms

Field engineers know that filling out time sheets and job forms is a lengthy process, so they usually put off doing them. This task becomes a burden that is done at home after a long day of work when exhaustion is setting in and the mind is going blank. Forms are haphazardly filled in, information is lost, forms are forgotten and jobs stay open for days just waiting for the proper paperwork to be completed. In some cases, engineers are paid according to the job type and amount, so forgotten or missing paperwork can result in an inaccurate payroll.

Forms in a Mobile Device

Mobility can play a big role in overcoming the barriers to paperwork and can simplify mundane tasks. With the ability to access forms and time sheets from the mobile device, engineers can write off jobs in three to five minutes instead of 30 minutes.

Engineers can focus more on the customer-care side, pay more attention to the job at hand and spend more time with the customer explaining the products.

By using forms in a mobile device, engineers can:

  • Complete forms throughout the day as the job finishes
  • Send forms to the dispatcher to start immediate processing
  • Cut down on the backlog of paperwork and late-night sessions

By connecting the mobility solution to the company's backend system, field-worker productivity can be improved further:

  • Form fields can be populated with customer and job information automatically
  • Billing and payroll accuracy can improve dramatically
  • Data can be archived and retrieved instantly

We all know that happy workers provide better service. In the service industry, there is an even greater drive to create a happy customer experience — and a field worker's unhappiness can easily turn into lost productivity and a damaging customer experience.

What if you could fix some of the things that your field workers hate? Mike Karlskind at ClickSoftware outlines five things that field workers hate, along with simple, actionable suggestions on how to fix them using mobile solutions. After all, happy workers lead to greater productivity, better service and a better customer experience — and that's the bottom line.


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