Five Strategies to Avoid Crisis in the Contact Center

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Know your agents and apply their strengths

When a crisis occurs in the contact center, it is critical to immediately deploy your agents who are most skilled in handling crisis calls. For each of your contact center locations, you should have a system that identifies what your agents' core customer response skills are. This will allow you to put your crisis experts on the line when time is of the essence. The additional benefit is that you will have only the most efficient agents responding to crisis, and the rest of your agents will be freed up to deal with everyday customer support calls.

GM 's well-publicized customer service nightmare, following its "faulty ignition" recall, is but one example of a major company in the throes of customer backlash in recent months. Amazon experienced a similar – and sudden – surge in customer complaints following its Christmas delivery fiasco. In times of customer crisis, what are the best practices and technologies available for handling these unannounced call center emergencies? With a recent ACSI report showing online shopping satisfaction at a 12-year low, it's clear that customer experience is taking a beating. 

There's a lot of talk these days about "customer obsession." In fact, 2014 has been dubbed by many as "The Age of the Customer." Customers are now in the driving seat and expectations couldn't be higher. Nowhere is this felt more than in contact centers, which is often where a customer has his or her first interaction with a company. Contact centers are a hub of activity during a normal business day, but as GM recently learned, customer demands can skyrocket – and in a matter of minutes. Here are five best practices, identified by Transera, Inc., that contact centers of any size can use during heightened call volumes due to crisis such as holidays, promotions and other unexpected occurrences.


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