Five Strategies for Improved SMB Document Efficiency

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Financial Implications

The under-usage and poor deployment of office devices have significant cost and productivity implications. MFPs with unnecessary features are more expensive to purchase and lease than machines that modern SMB workers actually need. Further losses occur when bloated devices are under contract, as pricing is often based on an expected level of monthly print volume that does not match the needs of most SMBs.

In most cases, sparsely dispersed, unnecessary devices are not the most financially appropriate option for SMBs. Stats from InfoTrends show that SMB employees waste more than 4,000 hours and nearly $130,000 per year walking to and from copiers and printers. SMBs can increase employee productivity and reduce costs simply by improving device allocation and re-thinking purchase strategies.

Further loss is incurred as unnecessary, large-footprint devices consume additional energy, require more maintenance and consume extra space. These devices also tend to require more staff intervention, further burdening productivity.

Small to medium businesses (SMBs) relentlessly seek new strategies and solutions to reduce costs and increase productivity. Every saved dollar goes back to the bottom line to fuel growth. Costs can be recovered in many areas across the office.

One of the most common sources of unnecessary spending is found in the misallocation of office technology. Significant losses occur with underused printers, multifunction printers (MFPs) and document management systems. This misallocation has a number of cost and productivity implications but can be remedied by identifying underused devices and deploying resources more effectively.

About the Author

Dan Waldinger is the director, Services and Solutions Marketing, Brother International Corporation. With more than 25 years of industry experience, Mr. Waldinger leads the Brother SMB initiative, Don't Supersize. Optimize. Under his leadership, Brother provides resources, self-assessment tools and solutions for SMBs to reduce document-related costs and increase efficiencies.

Data source: InfoTrends whitepaper "Device Underuse and Unbalanced Fleets"


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