Fifty Start-Ups Disrupting Their Industries

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Authentication Industries (France) – Authentication Industries is developing new technologies for the security market, focusing on preventing document forgeries, product counterfeiting and identity theft.

EyeVerify (KS) – EyeVerify Inc. is the creator of EyePrint ID – transforming a picture of your eye into a key that protects your digital life. Eyeprint ID is a highly accurate biometric technology for smart devices that delivers a password-free mobile experience and secure authentication at a glance. This patented solution uses the existing cameras on mobile devices to image and pattern match the blood vessels in the whites of the eye.

Rippleshot (IL) – In 2012, the company's founders came together to change the fight against fraud by creating Rippleshot. They take a Big Data machine-learning approach that is familiar to search, genetics and advertising and apply it in a novel way for the payment processing industry. They focus on merchant behavior instead of consumer behavior, and monitor millions of merchants and their transactions, searching through the data for subtle behavioral patterns that indicate the early stages of a data breach. They also use sophisticated statistics and modeling to distinguish between real breaches and nearby stores that share many of the same patrons, resulting in very accurate assessments.

Cyphort (CA) – With the advances in cyber attack techniques and highly motivated skilled adversaries, going it alone against today's advanced cyber attacks is not an option. Cyphort believes that it takes an ecosystem of partners to defend organizations from these threats. As such, it is working with a broad set of partners including technology partners, managed-services providers, systems integrators (SIs), solution providers and value-added resellers (VARS) to provide protection from advanced threats to companies world-wide.

Key Cybersecurity, Inc. (VA) – Key Cybersecurity, Inc. is the developer of CyberMerlin, a deep-hash algorithm and vision-technology-forensics solution that is designed to proactively identify illicit files and the associated activity of "bad actors" on commercial, federal and K-12 enterprise networks. The solution searches for unknown and known files not typically addressed by existing safeguards and countermeasures. CyberMerlin automatically monitors, detects and provides alerts as well as compiles forensics reports for investigators and law enforcement entities.

MAFAZO LLC (OH) – MAFAZO Digital Solutions provides training and development to strengthen your security posture.

In Spring 2014, Dell for Entrepreneurs announced its first-ever class for the Founders 50, an exclusive group of emerging companies that have technology as a critical backbone and are poised for rapid growth. Just recently, it announced the new Founders 50 Fall 2014 cohort, which for the first time includes a global contingent representing five countries – the U.S., UK, Canada, France and the Netherlands. These high-growth start-ups are companies to watch and were chosen based on their record of disrupting their respective industries through innovative products and creative solutions.

As with the first Founders' group, Dell will provide these organizations with access to resources, solutions, mentorship and exclusive marketing efforts to help them continue to grow their businesses. The Spring 2014 group has already shown impressive results from this mentoring relationship, having collectively raised over $2.2 billion in capital and having been backed by a number of notable angel investors and venture capital funds.

"Zoom has experienced rapid growth over the past six months," said Eric Yuan, founder and CEO of Zoom, a member of the Founders 50 spring class. "We have surpassed 25 million participants, 20,000 business customers and 1,700 higher education customers. Dell has provided incredible support for this growth, from providing servers for our scalable infrastructure to offering marketing opportunities for us through the Founders 50."

When Founders 50 companies complete their two-year term, they become Founders Club Alumni, joining other companies that have participated, including SkyeraCloudFlare and Mass Relevance.


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