Enterprise Mobility Management Myth Busters: Users vs. IT Reality

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Myth #1: Passwords are enough to protect data living on mobile devices.

Reality: Mobile devices are now more vulnerable than ever. Depending upon the operating system and device, data on the device may not be encrypted. To prevent data loss, IT can leverage EMM to encrypt data and take advantage of mobile content management (MCM) or enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) solutions to secure data as it is received and stored on the device.

Enterprise mobility is not a new concept. IT has delivered email and other information to mobile devices for a while now. That said, the devices that make up today's enterprises are no longer fully known and controlled.With BYOD, mobility has introduced both risks and opportunities within the enterprise, driving IT to adopt mobility strategies and solutions that can keep pace with these vulnerabilities.

Device security and trust are not only main concerns for IT, but for users as well (albeit in different ways). Enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions help IT ensure that data is delivered safely across devices and that consumers are offered the privacy and personalization of features that they crave.Yet, as we see time and time again with things like shadow IT, users don't always have the same level of appreciation for, or understanding of, why we need (and should love!) device management tools.

In this slideshow, Manoj Raisinghani, vice president, global product marketing, mobile platforms group at Citrix, has distilled consumer perceptions vs. the reality of enterprise mobility.


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