Eight Signs Your Team Is in Trouble

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Leader's Toolkit to Address Stress-Induced and Stress-Perpetuating Behaviors:

Fully observe and acknowledge signs of stress: Make it safe for team members to talk about issues and concerns. Listen for the impact. Allow them to express their frustrations, feelings and needs. 

Reframe: Provide team members with support to help them consider the bigger picture, to provide benefit of the doubt and to explore options for how they can respond to stressful situations with compassion.

Take responsibility: People do not always have control over what circumstances provide stress. However, they do have control over how to respond. Support your team members in taking responsibility for their own behaviors and educate them in what they can to do relieve stress.

Monster – the world's largest and most well known employment website – released findings from an international survey looking into workplace stress. The poll's revelations were grim, with 42 percent of U.S. respondents revealing that they had "purposely changed jobs due to a stressful work environment." Even more troubling was the news that 66 percent of their employers had done "nothing" to alleviate the stress that had precipitated their resignations.

Considering that turnover can cost an organization up to 213 percent of a high-impact employee's salary, savvy leaders know that it's important to appreciate that big problems start with small signs. Drs. Dennis and Michelle Reina (authors of "Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace" and "Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace") have pinpointed eight common behaviors that team leaders should look for and address before they escalate into big organizational failures - lost contracts, missed deadlines, budget overruns, and the loss of key team members.

Download a free excerpt from "Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace."

Drs. Dennis and Michelle Reina are co-founders of Reina, A Trust Building Consultancy and co-authors of "Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace" and "Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace." Their clients include American Express, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, MillerCoors, the U.S. Army, Harvard, Yale, and Walt Disney World. Their best-selling business book Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace won a 2007 Nautilus Book Award and a 2008 Axiom Business Book Award.


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