Dispelling the Myths of Software Robots

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Software Robots Are Not Worth the Cost of Deployment

Organizations are always looking for ways to achieve their goals at low costs. While outsourcing has long served as a solution for many businesses, companies today realize that this approach is no longer the most innovative, cost-effective way to complete core processes.

Enter software robots. Software robots – capable of working around the clock – are extremely cost efficient, delivering more value in less time. What's more, they are not prone to human error – saving businesses the time and costs generally involved with error management.

While some may be deterred from the initial cost of software robot implementation, adopters have (quickly) found that return on investment is well worth it. The ROI is not only due to greater efficiency in work procedures, but also the elimination of secondary costs.

With all the buzz around robots these days, most people envision R2D2 or Rosie from "The Jetsons" when they think about the machines. What many fail to realize, however, is that robots can come in both hardware and software forms, and the latter – while less discussed – are well positioned to completely disrupt the way we work.

For insight into these software 'bots and how they will impact our lives, David Moss, founder and CTO, Blue Prism, and his team have compiled a list of some of the top myths and misconceptions associated with the technology. Read ahead to debunk some of the common misconceptions you might have about software robots and better understand how these next-generation machines will streamline operations in your business in the very near future.


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