Avoid Upsets: The (Elite) Eight Steps to Ensuring System Uptime

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Box Out

Not the popular move, but sometimes you just have to block employees out from their ability to stream the games across the network – or at least the repeat offenders. While nobody wants to be the bad guy, protecting the integrity of the network and ensuring that critical business functions can continue is always IT's first priority.

NCAA March Madness has become an unofficial holiday of sorts, but for many in IT, the process of ensuring system uptime is no game. Last year, March Madness Live delivered an unprecedented 64 million live video streams, which netted out to about 13.5 million hours of live video consumption. With many of the first and second round games occurring during business hours, it's safe to say that this type of traffic can cause serious issues on any corporate network and understanding how to properly prepare for it is crucial.

In this slideshow, Ipswitch, an IT tools software provider, highlights eight steps every IT team should be taking to ensure system uptime during March Madness.


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