8 Tips for Ensuring Employee Security Compliance

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DevOps and Security

DevOps enables enterprises to make security more granular. A key advantage of the DevOps approach is how the teams focus on breaking down large, complex systems into smaller, more-focused processes. This new methodology enables developers to examine activity within the context of just one app. This process of simplification can be applied to security's role in making changes to apps due to advances made with SDN and firewalls. The rise of virtualized network infrastructure and SDN lets enterprises break down big firewalls at the edge into smaller, per-app firewalls with fire-app policies.

This new approach enables the review and approved changes to take place more quickly than they otherwise could with just one firewall. As an enterprise's infrastructure continues to grow, security teams can move more quickly and approve changes. The approach isn't limited to firewalls but can be taken to VPNs and other areas within enterprise infrastructure – which has grown to become too complicated and is tough to consolidate and aggregate into more manageable chunks. DevOps allows the process to be broken down into smaller, simpler pieces.

IT security ultimately depends on making sure employees use the appropriate tools and comply with policies designed to protect them and their data/applications. However, many times apart from security professionals, a deeper understanding of the strategy and importance of these policies is overlooked. October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, which was created as a collaborative effort between the government and the security industry to ensure everyone has the resources they need to be more secure and aware of threats. This month especially, CIOs, CSOs and security experts focus on educating employees about the importance of security, making sure everyone understands its business objectives, uses the appropriate tools and complies with policies used to keep both company and personal information safe. 

One strategy for security professionals to use to educate others is through “real talk,” which breaks things down to their basic elements and eliminates any confusion for employees when discussing IT strategies or security policies.

Bill Burley, corporate vice president and general manager at Citrix, has built his career around "real talk.” As a result of these kinds of conversations, he’s been able to identify the top eight tips for enterprise security professionals to ensure that employees effectively use security measures this month and all other times.


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