7 Ways the Internet of Things Will Impact ITSM

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Beyond Incident Management

ITSM will go beyond incident management and into BI.

The IoT-enabled organizations of tomorrow will be able to use the huge amount of data generated by network-connected CIs to help cut costs and increase profits. For example, if the IT service desk is planning to initiate a change, the data collected by the IoT sensors can help analyze past data to figure out the most cost-efficient and non-intrusive downtime window to implement the change. The analysis and insight gained from IoT-enabled IT go a long way to ensure business availability.

While the IoT is currently a consumer-oriented technology, it can definitely impact businesses, especially when it comes to the ITSM domain, much like Wi-Fi and BYOD did in the past. There's no doubt that IoT will revolutionize the world of automation and Big Data. This is a fantastic time for ITSM professionals to adopt IoT and help their businesses reap the benefits.

You've heard the hype. The Internet of Things (IoT) promises a world where virtually every object is interconnected via embedded sensors, software and electronics to collect and exchange data. Gartner predicts that, by 2020, the IoT will grow to 20.8 billion connected things with 7.2 billion of them used by businesses.

Regardless of the pace at which businesses adopt the IoT, the best ITSM tools will have to evolve to deal with IoT-driven changes such as more connected nodes, data points, and automation, all of which add complexity. In this slideshow, Ujjwal Sood, product analyst, ManageEngine, has identified seven ways in which the IoT will impact ITSM.

Ujjwal Sood is a product analyst at ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corp. He works in the ITSM products division for the flagship product ServiceDesk Plus. He tracks emerging IT technologies and studies their impact and application in the IT service management context.


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