2015 Tech Trends: A Critical Crossroad for IT

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Mobility approaches will grow more strategic.

Although mobile has been a major priority for most CIOs, BYOD has often been front and center for the past several years. Most organizations are beginning to see that BYOD has proven to be a single tactic in a much more significant strategy for supporting the mobile workforce. The end-user audience is now heavily dominated by millennials, who expect IT to be fast, easy and automated. Users don't want to wait on IT, they would rather get things done on their own time from wherever they prefer. A BYOD program cannot deliver on these expectations, and 2015 will be a time when many IT organizations must rethink how they have approached mobility to date and see the bigger picture for enabling agility and mobility among their workforce. 

A new year brings new strategic initiatives, new projects and new challenges for IT leadership. In 2015, Bob Janssen, founder and CTO at RES Software, believes that CIOs face many important decisions that will help shape the future of their IT organizations.

It is not difficult to see that many of these trends are interconnected with one another. While the challenges facing IT in 2015 won't be new per se, IT leadership finds itself at a very important crossroads. This coming year presents an opportunity to develop a roadmap and strategy that will reshape how IT supports the business. It is undeniable that IT departments positioned for the most success are evolving into brokers of technology to the business and putting people at the center of their technology choices.


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