$20M Uber/FTC Consent Decree Points to Uber Practices and AWS as Critical Avoidable Problems

11 Sep, 2017

The FTC alleged that Uber did not take reasonable care, in effect was arguably negligent, in protecting user data.

Lessons to Learn from Equifax Breach

11 Sep, 2017

Organizations of all sizes and verticals would be wise to take a close look at the Equifax breach and learn from the mistakes made in the aftermath. The post-breach behavior was a failure of epic proportions.

Phishing a Concern for Vast Majority of IT Executives

08 Sep, 2017

Phishing is effective. It is wreaking havoc on networks and endpoints and continues to fool even sophisticated users.

Third-Party Vendor Security Mistakes Result in Holiday Data Breach Revelations

07 Sep, 2017

It appears that the security message of Labor Day weekend is that organizations need to step up on holding their contractors to better security practices and to take responsibility for those data breaches.

BackupAssist Secures Backup Files from Ransomware Attacks

01 Sep, 2017

By not allowing a backup to proceed, BackupAssist preserves the last known good backup to acquire, protecting the data any organization would need to recover from a ransomware attack.

Spambot Server Has 711 Million Stolen Email Addresses

31 Aug, 2017

As many experts have said, chances are your information has already been compromised: If not found in this server then it was almost certainly breached in some other attack.

Before Helping Hurricane Victims, Make Sure Your Employees Can Recognize Phishing Emails

30 Aug, 2017

Emotions are running high and many employees want to help those who are suffering. But if they cannot recognize a phishing email, the risk is that your company will become a victim of a cyberattack.

Very Few Large Organizations Taking a Simple Step to Defend Against Phishing

28 Aug, 2017

DMARC validates an email’s authenticity and verifies the sender, which then decreases the ability of a hacker to spoof anyone within that organization.

Hackers Will Take Advantage of Outdated Software

25 Aug, 2017

If you are using outdated or unsupported OS and software, your risk of being targeted by hackers skyrockets.

PAM Solutions: Critical to Securing Privileged Access

25 Aug, 2017

To protect the company from those insiders who abuse their privileged access and from hackers with stolen credentials, many companies are turning to a privileged access management (PAM) solution.

Drone Rules Still Uncertain as Sector Approaches Cruising Altitude

24 Aug, 2017

It is possible to differentiate between hobbyist and commercial drone use. More broadly, however, confusion at the hobbyist level seems likely to impact the commercial side.

IBM Unveils Alternative Approach to Data Protection

23 Aug, 2017

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is designed to be deployed on top of virtual machines to also make it simpler for anyone in the IT organization to deploy.

IBM Looks to Advance Blockchain Adoption via Cloud Service

22 Aug, 2017

Blockchain technologies have the potential to transform how business-to-business transactions are conducted by providing access to a shared immutable ledger. IBM is ready to put those blockchain technologies to use in a production environment hosted on the IBM Cloud.

Understanding 2017 Cybersecurity: Social Engineering for Cyberattacks the Theme of 2016

21 Aug, 2017

Optiv looked at what happened in 2016 and then used that analysis to get a better understanding of what we might see in the coming months.

Cisco Moves to Secure Collaboration Across Cisco Spark Platform

21 Aug, 2017

The latest Cisco Spark update, among other capabilities, adds the ability to encrypt all communications occurring across the platform alongside a variety of new compliance controls.

Druva Unfurls Cloud Platform to Unify Management of Data Protection

17 Aug, 2017

The rise of cloud computing creates an opportunity to rethink how data protection gets implemented and managed on an end-to-end basis.

Studies Show Ways Organizations Struggle with Cybersecurity

17 Aug, 2017

No matter how much organizations of any size think they know about practicing good security, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

BlackBerry and Vuzix Partner to Make AR More Secure

15 Aug, 2017

Increasingly, AR glasses will become a requirement, not only for increased productivity in certain jobs but also for increased safety.

FCC Shrouds Itself in Secrecy over DDoS Attacks and Response

14 Aug, 2017

The FCC is unwilling to discuss its cybersecurity efforts, which begs the question of whether this is a good or bad strategy overall.

Ukrainian Arrested in Connection with NotPetya Ransomware

11 Aug, 2017

Rare good news in ransomware came this week, with an arrest.

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