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Guide to Cyber Threat Information Sharing

  |     |   Oct 21, 2016

This publication provides guidelines for establishing and participating in cyber threat information sharing relationships.


Trustworthy Email

  |   RESEARCH  |   Sep 22, 2016

This document provides recommendations and guidelines for enhancing trust in email, including transmission and content security recommendations.


Guide to Application Whitelisting

  |   TUTORIALS  |   Nov 09, 2015

This publication is intended to assist organizations in understanding the basics of application whitelisting. It also explains planning and implementation for whitelisting technologies throughout the security deployment lifecycle.


Security of Interactive and Automated Access Management Using Secure Shell (SSH)

  |   TUTORIALS  |   Nov 04, 2015

This publication assists organizations in understanding the basics of SSH interactive and automated access management in an enterprise, focusing on the management of SSH user keys.


Technical Evaluation, Testing, and Validation of the Usability of Electronic Health Records

  |   TUTORIALS  |   Oct 12, 2015

This document provides the empirical rationale for critical patient safety-related usability guidelines for standardization of EHRs.


Secrets: Managing Information Assets in the Age of Cyberespionage

  |   BOOK EXCERPTS  |   Sep 30, 2015

In this excerpt, Pooley focuses on managing your information assets, specifically looking at how to keep them safe, stay out of trouble, and maximize their utility in your business.


Web Security: A WhiteHat Perspective

  |   BOOK EXCERPTS  |   Jul 09, 2015

This excerpt from chapter 2 focuses on major browser security issues, including same-origin policy, sandboxing, malicious URL intercepts, and the continuing rapid development of security.


Job Description: Senior Software Security Engineer

  |   JOB DESCRIPTIONS  |   Jul 02, 2015

The Senior Software Security Engineer is responsible for building a world-class program that embeds security into every aspect of the dev process.


Interfaces for Personal Identity Verification

  |   TUTORIALS  |   Jun 04, 2015

This document contains the technical specifications to interface with the smart card to retrieve and use the PIV identity credentials.


Considerations for Identity Management in Public Safety Networks

  |   POLICIES  |   Apr 02, 2015

This document analyzes approaches to identity management for public safety networks in an effort to assist individuals developing technical and policy requirements for public safety use.