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Network of 'Things'

  |   RESEARCH  |   Aug 17, 2016

This document offers a foundational understanding of IoT based on the realization that IoT involves sensing, computing, communication, and actuation.


Health Attitude: Unraveling and Solving the Complexities of Healthcare

  |   BOOK EXCERPTS  |   Dec 08, 2015

In this excerpt, Dr. John R. Patrick explores how cultural attitudes toward consumer-initiated health care are changing and how technology is enabling this transition.


Job Description: Android Developer

  |   JOB DESCRIPTIONS  |   Apr 21, 2015

The Android developer will be responsible for developing, enhancing, and designing a world-class mobile application for our platform.


Vetting the Security of Mobile Applications

  |   POLICIES  |   Jan 26, 2015

The purpose of this document is to help organizations understand the process for vetting the security of mobile applications, plan for the implementation of an app vetting process, develop app security requirements, and understand the types of app vulnerabilities and the testing methods used to detect those vulnerabilities.


Guidelines for Media Sanitization

  |   POLICIES  |   Dec 29, 2014

This guide will assist organizations and system owners in making practical sanitization decisions based on the categorization of confidentiality of their information.


Screening for Factors Affecting Application Performance in Profiling Measurements

  |   TUTORIALS  |   Nov 06, 2014

This report provides an example application of screening techniques in experimental computer science, including validation and selection of metrics and measures, the screening experiment itself, and supporting statistical methods.