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Software Quality Assurance: Integrating Testing, Security, and Audit

  |   BOOK EXCERPTS  |   Jun 22, 2016

This excerpt focuses on the conceptual aspects of defect management, including the basic concepts of a defect, how to manage defects, and an analysis of the root causes of defects.


National Checklist Program for IT Products – Guidelines for Checklist Users and Developers

  |   CHECKLISTS  |   Jan 14, 2016

This document makes recommendations for how users and developers should select checklists from the NIST National Checklist Repository, evaluate and test checklists, and apply them to IT products.


Agile for Project Managers

  |   BOOK EXCERPTS  |   Nov 24, 2015

The excerpt focuses on the importance of stakeholder engagement in the agile project, an essential practice that ensures a successful product delivery.


Digital Exhaust: What Everyone Should Know About Big Data, Digitization and Digitally Driven Innovation

  |   BOOK EXCERPTS  |   Aug 12, 2015

In this excerpt, Neef focuses on doing business in the Big Data world, including the scope of projects already underway, the primary drivers behind initiatives, and how Big Data is changing both the organization and c-level leadership roles.

Transforming Business with Program Management

  |   BOOK EXCERPTS  |   May 26, 2015

This excerpt examines program leadership and the role it plays as a critical success factor for facilitating work integration, stakeholder engagement, objective alignment, organizational change readiness, and benefits realization.


Implementing SAP® CRM: The Guide for Business and Technology Managers

  |   BOOK EXCERPTS  |   Apr 30, 2015

Chapter 2 provides an introduction to the role CRM systems play in an organization, examines the anatomy of a CRM system and the type of CRM systems available, and looks at the CRM's role as keeper of customer knowledge assets.


Microsoft Access 2013 Cheat Sheet

  |   TUTORIALS  |   Mar 25, 2015

This Microsoft Access 2013 Cheat Sheet from CustomGuide covers the basics of working with databases and objects, keystroke shortcuts, and building tables and queries.


Job Description: Web Development Engineer

  |   JOB DESCRIPTIONS  |   Mar 19, 2015

The Web Development Engineer will be responsible for driving the development efforts of the core UI tools for the new company website redesign.


Big Data and Health Analytics

  |   BOOK EXCERPTS  |   Mar 12, 2015

The chapter excerpt focuses on how effective data architecture must lay out the life cycle of data, from definition to capture, storage, management, integration, distribution, and analysis.