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Ransomware Spiked Even Before WannaCry

Ransomware, a threat that has been in the news in recent weeks, grew aggressively during the first quarter of the year, according to Kaspersky Lab.

Does Education and Tech Savviness Put You at Greater Risk for Identity Theft?

According to a survey of more than 2,000 respondents, 18 percent of those who admit to being tech savvy are more likely to become victims of identity theft.

Augmented Reality Finds Its Feet in the Workplace

AR and VR are often grouped together. That makes sense in most cases, but doing so can lead to oversimplification. It seems that AR will have a broader set of uses in business, and that adoption is well under way.

Android Security: Progress Amid Continuing Challenges

Google is making progress in its Android security efforts and significant dangers exist. The two facts are not contradictory. Hopefully, the balance will continue to tilt toward progress and away from insecurity.

The Android Supply Chain Is Not Secure

The idea that supply chains to corporate customers are not secure is a new and distressing take on Android security vulnerabilities.

CIA Breach Shows Lack of Security in IoT

We must discuss the ramification to businesses and their employees and customers: the IoT security risks.

Vulnerabilities Run Rampant in Robots

The machines indeed may be able to take over, as machines are abetted by hackers.

Samsung Unveils 2-in-1 PCs to Challenge Microsoft Surface

Kevin Gilroy, executive vice president and head of Samsung Business, says given the size of the demand for 2-in-1 PCs, there’s plenty of room for both Samsung and Microsoft.

The Year Ahead in 5G Trials

The new 5G standard, which promises to just about wipe away the gap between wireless and wired connections, will be a huge step forward. Carriers weigh in on their plans.

Four Signs that Samsung Is Planning a Smartphone OS Push

Years after the industry resigned itself to two strong players and a bunch of wannabees in smartphone OSes, the third player may be arriving.

February 2, 2017