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Mobile Application Management and the Enterprise

Mobile application management (MAM) focuses on supporting what is sent to and resides on the mobile device. Enterprises rely on MAM for a balance of security and functionality.

Enterprise Mobile Management Trends in 2019

The largest share of the focus of mobility during the past decade has been on technical issues. How can IT departments securely support an increasingly mobile and dispersed enterprise work force?

Best Team Collaboration Tools & Software 2019

Rather than evaluating collaboration as a single function, most experts recommend breaking them down to their constituent pieces to determine which sets of key features will best support your business model.

Feeling Better: Health Care Apps, Digital Health and the Enterprise

The question of FDA approval raises the issue of how digital health tools are used and managed in the workplace. To some extent, the same common sense rules apply.

It Will Be a Long Time Before Broadcom Acquires Qualcomm, If Ever

Several big players have a negative reaction to the idea of Broadcom buying Qualcomm.

Wi-Fi Vulnerability Dire Because It Is in the WPA2 Security Standard

A serious weakness has been discovered that endangers Wi-Fi users. The problem is made worse by the fact that the problem is in the WPA2 standard, not a specific device or network.

DoJ Could Nix a Sprint/T-Mobile Merger

T-Mobile and Sprint, the third and fourth largest wireless companies, have been discussing merging for a long time. Those talks have heated up recently.

Mobile Augmented Reality Could Be Next Killer App

Mobile AR seems poised to be the killer app that the mobile sector has been seeking for years.

Charter Agrees to $13M Fine Related to Time Warner Acquisition

The Charter settlement was the largest with a cable company in New York State history and possibly in the history of the United States.

BlueBorne Shows Vulnerabilities in Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth is one of those technologies that gets ignored when discussing security risks.

September 14, 2017