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Microsoft Build Keynote: Putting the User at the Center and Enabling Global Positive Change

Microsoft Build 2019 introduced game changers in Azure, AI, gaming, bots, mixed reality, autonomous systems and more.

Integrating Testing into the DevOps Workflow

QA and its associated test functions require a radical makeover in the world of DevOps.

Andreas Gal: Browsers Are Commoditized, But Differentiation Still Possible

No sector has changed as much as browsers during the past 15 years. Silk Labs CEO Andreas Gal has seen the drama unfold.

CenturyLink Faces Billing Fraud Lawsuits

A class-action suit against CenturyLink over overbilling has been joined by seven states.

The Unlicensed Un-carrier: T-Mobile USA Seeks FCC OK for LTE-U Tests

Unlicensed spectrum, as the name implies, is open to all comers. Therefore, it is a chaotic environment.

Google Chrome Now the Top Browser

Few things have changed more drastically during the web era than the relative standing of web browsers.

Driverless Cars: I Am Out of the Office. Let’s Do a Meeting

News this week included driverless cars, 4G smartphone markets, browser wars, VoIP protection and fake phones.

IDC: Second Quarter Smartphone Sales Flat

News this week included smartphone sales, Verizon's plans for Yahoo, the Sailfish OS, and Microsoft security requirements of PC makers.

Bad Times Continue for PCs and Other News

PC sales continue to decline, Mozilla is working on the next-generation Firefox browser, and the next MoCA standard is released.

Comcast’s WiFi Pro Launches

News this week included Comcast's Wi-Fi Pro, new OCP members, the end of the terrible Java browser plugin, Apple Pay in ATMs and 5G projects.

January 29, 2016