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Best IT Asset Management Software (ITAM) 2019

IT Asset Management (ITAM) has been around for a long time. Yet its function remains as vital as ever: to keep tabs on all hardware components, software and services operating in the enterprise. This includes tracking changes made, and determining what additional changes made need to be made. 

Top Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Products 2019

A flurry of similar sounding but different techniques, such mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM), emerged. Those earlier approaches have been subsumed into the next generation, enterprise mobility management (EMM), which consolidates those earlier technologies in a way that simplifies and enhances efficiency. It also marries that management to identity tools in order to track and assess employees and usage.  

Best HR Software 2019

As employment rates hit all-time highs, human resources offices are looking to technology to help with the burden of managing employees, benefits and business operations. According to Gartner, “by 2025, at least 50% of large enterprises in service-centric industries will successfully implement an ‘all in’ cloud SaaS strategy.”

Best HCM Software 2019: Human Capital Management

Advances in software have enabled hiring managers to gain more control and agency over the recruitment process, but with so many players in the human capital management space, it can be hard to make a decision. Our team of software experts has broken down the HCM software category to provide you with the information necessary to make the right choice for your company.

Microsoft Build Keynote: Putting the User at the Center and Enabling Global Positive Change

Microsoft Build 2019 introduced game changers in Azure, AI, gaming, bots, mixed reality, autonomous systems and more.

Evolution of BlackBerry: The Best Security Solutions You Have Never Heard Of

BlackBerry continues to impress on product and execution, but it is held back by an image tied to what it used to be. Customers have clearly indicated that BlackBerry is keeping their firms and people far safer than what is likely being deployed by competitors.

12 Best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Solutions 2019

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is widely used by marketing and sales teams. Our team of enterprise software experts has compiled a list of the 12 best CRM software solutions for the enterprise in 2019.

Top Mobile Application Management (MAM) Tools for the Enterprise in 2019

In some cases, mobile application management functionality is delivered in standalone MAM platforms. In others, it comes as a module in a broader suite of services. In either case, the tasks MAM performs are vital.

Mobile Application Management and the Enterprise

Mobile application management (MAM) focuses on supporting what is sent to and resides on the mobile device. Enterprises rely on MAM for a balance of security and functionality.

Enterprise Mobile Management Trends in 2019

The largest share of the focus of mobility during the past decade has been on technical issues. How can IT departments securely support an increasingly mobile and dispersed enterprise work force?

January 17, 2019