Biometrics: Valuable, But No Panacea

19 Jan, 2017

Biometrics are used to enable electronic devices to be used, to grant and deny access to physical locations, and for non-security purposes.

Antenna Technology Continues Fast Evolution

18 Jan, 2017

Antennas, historically, have been passive, but no longer. Antennas will play a huge role in the growth of the IoT as market growth demands more antennas in smaller spaces, at lower costs, and with increased performance.

MulteFire Releases Version 1 of Its Specification

17 Jan, 2017

MulteFire Release 1.0 enables LTE to operate in unlicensed, shared spectrum.

Licensed and Unlicensed Spectrum Close in on a Marriage of Convenience

12 Jan, 2017

Mobile carriers, the main users of licensed spectrum, are looking with covetous eyes at less expensive unlicensed spectrum. In addition to being free, it can help solve the spectrum shortage that has grown as wireless has exploded.

The Intel Compute Card: Modular Computers Are Reborn

12 Jan, 2017

It is interesting to see the PC industry evolve. In this case, from large dedicated PCs to small card-like devices that can be built into a variety of increasingly connected devices in all shapes, sizes and colors.

LiDAR, an Autonomous Vehicle Enabler, Evolves

11 Jan, 2017

Several vendors, including Waymo and Continental Automotive, are pushing the use of LiDAR in self-driving vehicles forward.

At CES 2017: ODG and Qualcomm Just Made AR/VR Glasses Viable

06 Jan, 2017

These glasses from ODG set a new bar for AR/VR solutions because they don’t force a choice between AR and VR. They do both, they don’t look embarrassingly bad, they can either stand alone or connect to a smartphone, and they are relatively affordable.

AT&T: Meeting Its Software-Enablement Goal a Virtual Certainty

06 Jan, 2017

News this week included AT&T's software-enabled network progress, a reward for IoT security, and HDMI 2.1 at CES.

Fixed Wireless, the Technology of the Future, and the Present

05 Jan, 2017

Fixed wireless has a great value proposition: It is inherently less expensive, less troublesome to deploy, and quicker to market than wired platforms.

The Year Begins with a Blast of 5G

04 Jan, 2017

For 2017, it’s no surprise that the one of the high-profile items is 5G.

Intel Unveils 7th Gen vPro Processor

03 Jan, 2017

Given the range of options, the bigger decision may not necessarily be to upgrade to systems that are clearly more secure and simpler to manage, but rather figuring out what form of vPro platform to ultimately standardize on.

Google Fiber Hopes Subscribers Dig a Change They Are Making

21 Dec, 2016

Google Fiber, in response to complaints from residents, is using a new approach in South Austin: microtrenching.

Singapore Becomes a Smart City

21 Dec, 2016

Chan Cheow Hoe, the CIO of the Government Technology Agency in Singapore, provides details on how the massive power of modern technology is helping the city become a smart city.

IBM Makes Watson Analytics Available via Mobile iOS App

19 Dec, 2016

The new Watson Analytics Mobile App allows end users to query a cloud service consisting of an IBM analytics application imbued with Watson cognitive computing functions.

BlackBerry, a Survivor, Looks to Its Future

15 Dec, 2016

BlackBerry was lucky in that its fading business led seamlessly to its new path. It is likely it will succeed in marketing the new version of the company, as well.

Move to Driverless Vehicles Gains Speed and Traction

14 Dec, 2016

The autonomous or self-driving vehicle category is making the transition from the lab to commercialization with a very high profile.

Realm Simplifies Building of Interactive Mobile Apps

14 Dec, 2016

Realm's platform provides a mechanism for synchronizing data with external data sources and processing real-time events, masking all the complexities associated with invoking lower-level APIs.

New Wildcards as Telcos Try to Stamp Their Passports to Cuba

13 Dec, 2016

Industry in general and telecommunications in particular stand to make gains from the opening of Cuba, for two reasons.

Massive MIMO a Key 5G Enabler

12 Dec, 2016

Vendors, service providers, and the rest of the wireless ecosystem are working day and night to develop 5G wireless. One of the key enablers, but one that developed independently of 5G, is multiple in multiple out (MIMO) antennas.

Election Stops FCC IoT Security Initiative

09 Dec, 2016

News this week included brakes on an IoT security study, wearables selling well, in-flight voice calls, and refunds for victims of telecom bill cramming.

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