From Panasonic to Porsche: Windows 10 2-in-1s at Mobile World Congress

01 Mar, 2017

Details on some of the more interesting 2-in-1 offerings from companies like HP, Lenovo, Panasonic and Porsche Design.

Samsung Unveils 2-in-1 PCs to Challenge Microsoft Surface

01 Mar, 2017

Kevin Gilroy, executive vice president and head of Samsung Business, says given the size of the demand for 2-in-1 PCs, there’s plenty of room for both Samsung and Microsoft.

No Surprise: 5G Takes Center Stage at MWC

27 Feb, 2017

The big news, not surprisingly, centers on 5G. The question is whether the announcements are more hype, more substance, or an equal measure of each.

SAP Alliance with Apple Bears SDK Fruit

27 Feb, 2017

SAP has unveiled a software development kit (SDK) that can be used to integrate native iOS applications with both SAP and third-party applications.

Verizon to Test 5G in 11 Cities this Year

24 Feb, 2017

News this week included 5G tests, a new Wi-Fi spec, mobile video popularity and smart mobility efforts.

Adobe Embraces Open Electronic Signature Specification

22 Feb, 2017

As e-signatures become widely employed, governing bodies are pushing for an open standard to make it simpler for an electronic signature to move through a process spanning apps from multiple vendors.

Drones and Balloons: COWs and COLTs Out, Loon and Similar Ideas In

21 Feb, 2017

Drones and balloons can be used to provide backup services in case of disaster; to supplement services at high use times, such as during popular sporting events; and to offer service economically to rural areas.

The Year Ahead in 5G Trials

21 Feb, 2017

The new 5G standard, which promises to just about wipe away the gap between wireless and wired connections, will be a huge step forward. Carriers weigh in on their plans.

Charter Considers Fixed Wireless for Business Services

17 Feb, 2017

News this week included Charter's fixed wireless plans, big changes in tech trends, risks in connected cars, Bluetooth popularity, and Verizon's purchase of Skyward.

Instart Logic Drives CDN Pricing as Low as One Cent per GB

17 Feb, 2017

As mobile computing devices become the dominant means through which end users interact with web content, many organizations are more dependent than ever on content delivery networks (CDNs).

AT&T Goes Gigabit in Five More Metros, Open-Sources ECOMP

13 Feb, 2017

Key elements to upgrading AT&T's huge network to gigabit status will be software-defined networks and network functions virtualization (SDN and NFV), and ECOMP.

CableLabs Toys with Coherent Optics

10 Feb, 2017

News this week included coherent optics, IoT Security Group, virtualized networks and 5G tests.

Apple’s Class-Action Lawsuit: Never Intentionally Break Your Product

10 Feb, 2017

When a company intentionally harms a customer to force that customer to give it money, it not only is likely actionable, but it breaches trust. People do not want to do business with firms that do them harm and they tend to have a really long memory with regard to this kind of behavior.

New York Attorney General Sues Charter, TWC

03 Feb, 2017

News this week included a lawsuit against Charter, ambiguity on net neutrality, bad news for the tablet market, and privacy rules.

Aerohive Aims to Address Bifurcated Mobile Computing Market

03 Feb, 2017

Aerohive has set up Aerohive Connect as a lower-end complement to an Aerohive Select service that provides IT with more granular control over the wireless network via a management platform hosted in the cloud.

Four Signs that Samsung Is Planning a Smartphone OS Push

02 Feb, 2017

Years after the industry resigned itself to two strong players and a bunch of wannabees in smartphone OSes, the third player may be arriving.

Telepresence and UC Evolve and Confuse

01 Feb, 2017

Unified communications has always been a hard category to clearly define. The definitions are certainly growing no easier to construct. The technology, however, is getting better all the time.

In the Consumer/Enterprise Technology Divide, Consumers Are Winning

30 Jan, 2017

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the same technologies and applications that inhabit our personal lives should infiltrate our workdays as well.

AT&T: Virtualization Ahead of Schedule

27 Jan, 2017

News this week included AT&T's network virtualization, a quantum 2000Q, SIPconnect updates, Comcast cellular plans, and a fix for WebEx.

McKinsey: Half of World’s Jobs Could Be Automated by 2055

20 Jan, 2017

News this week included big job automation numbers, huge numbers for 5G, Google's malware chase, and cellular speed checks at the airport.

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