Mobile Health Care Set to Spike

26 Jul, 2013

Trends that will affect growth include consumerization, increased availability of electronic health information, infrastructure demands, and security needs to meet statutory demands.

BYOD: A Security Perspective

22 Jul, 2013

BYOD initiatives demand new security controls to minimize risk and additional IT resources to manage security initiatives.

Where Does the PC Fit in a Mobile-Centric Universe?

19 Jul, 2013

Wall Street may have deemed mobile the new king, but the PC is far from extinct. New technologies bring together PC and mobile devices to share and access data in harmony.

Telecommuting and BYOD Will Grow Even Faster

02 May, 2013

Telecommuting and BYOD of course are two of the major trends of the past few years. It is clear that they are here to stay – and to grow. Doubles Down on Mobile Computing

27 Feb, 2013 this week rolled out a series of mobile extensions to its service management software.

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