BlackBerry Phone Sales Down – Which May Not Be Too Big a Deal

24 Jun, 2016

As it edges away from oblivion, BlackBerry has simultaneously edged away from being a device company.

Security Risks in the Supply Chain

22 Jun, 2016

While the use of IoT technology enables retailers to better track their products from production through delivery in the supply chain, it also introduces a variety of security and data risks.

Industry’s 5G Foresight Better than 2020

22 Jun, 2016

The general consensus clearly is that the 2020 deadline for 5G services can be beat.

10 Must-Have Apps for Your Small Business

21 Jun, 2016

Leveraging the right kinds of apps can make for a cohesive business ecosystem, valuable in increasing productivity, streamlining business processes, and instilling creativity overall.

Ransomware: The News Is Always Bad

17 Jun, 2016

This week's news includes SCADA systems becoming targets of ransomware, the latest on IoT challenges, 5G test results and more.

Combat E-Commerce Fraud, Keep Up with the Latest Tech

16 Jun, 2016

The challenge for online retailers is to combine effective fraud prevention that protects their bottom line with great customer experience and high approvals.

Cellular Carriers Go for Wi-Fi Calling

15 Jun, 2016

Wi-Fi calling has quickly become an established way to provide voice and text services.

Apple Kicks It Up at WWDC: Great for Users, Not Enough to Grow Market Yet

14 Jun, 2016

A renewed focus on users should pay off for Apple, says analyst Rob Enderle, but business features seem to be underplayed at this point.

Bluetooth 5 Bringing a Significant Upgrade

13 Jun, 2016

Bluetooth 5.0 will double the speed and increase the range of the previous standard by a factor of four.

Big Numbers for LTE, Internet Control and Flying Cars

10 Jun, 2016

This week's news includes big numbers for LTE, congressional bills and flying cars.

Same Old, Same Old for Android – For Now, at Least

09 Jun, 2016

A look at where Google is with Android Marshmallow, Android N and a reported secret version of the OS.

How to Get Started with IoT

09 Jun, 2016

Most of you will likely wake up one morning to find that your IoT tech is misbehaving, with the only viable solution to unplug and replace it.

What It Will Take to Manage Wearables at Work

08 Jun, 2016

Employees want to bring to work what they use/wear elsewhere, but frustrations, security and data privacy make it complicated.

The Smartphone Device Landscape in Flux

08 Jun, 2016

If some players exit the manufacturing market, others may join, or current players may grow stronger.

Electronic Health Records Progressing, Still Not Ubiquitous

03 Jun, 2016

News this week included EHR use rates, mobile data traffic growth numbers, SCADA malware, SDN/NFV savings predictions and LTE testing plans.

The Telecom Capex Picture Appears to Be Improving

01 Jun, 2016

Telecommunications is a capital-intensive business, and it seems that the tide has turned on the poor landscape of the past few years.

Are You One Password Away from a Data Breach?

27 May, 2016

To help improve overall cybersecurity practices, the first line of defense is often an educated user with strong password practices.

Chromebook Access to Google Play Store a Big Deal

27 May, 2016

Google enables all Android Play Store apps to work on Chromebooks, and Intel makes a move toward IoT and connected cars.

Hillary Clinton’s Email, CEOs and Corporate Policy

27 May, 2016

Clinton’s policy violation brings to mind CEO behaviors in which the top person in a company thinks that rules don’t apply to him or her.

8 Uses of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for the Enterprise

26 May, 2016

Get a taste of what experts are thinking about in the realm of enterprise virtual reality and enterprise augmented reality.

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