Fixed 5G Wireless Could Upset the Video Market Soon

28 Jul, 2016

5G technology will bring great benefits to mobility, but 5G will excel in another use case: fixed wireless.  

Ruckus Pushes Wireless Networking into the Cloud

26 Jul, 2016

For many IT organizations, it’s simpler to manage access points via a centralized platform that a networking vendor like Ruckus makes available.

Twilio Launches Real-Time Sync API

26 Jul, 2016

The secret to engaging end users in any application is providing some ability to engage with data in real time.

iPhones Are Safer than Android, but Still Have Malware Problems

21 Jul, 2016

Contrary to popular opinion, there are new reports about overall security issues with iPhones and iOSs.

10 Trends Making Enterprise App Stores Work

20 Jul, 2016

Enterprise app stores allow organizations to have tighter control over their own app marketplaces. Check out current trends influencing the enterprise app store sector.

IoT Adoption, Emerging Tech Driving Industry Revenue Growth

19 Jul, 2016

Emerging technologies such as wearables, drones, smart home devices, digital assistants and VR are expected to account for more than half of consumer technology revenue in 2017.

How to Get Your Small Business in on the Pokemon GO Love

19 Jul, 2016

The hugely popular Pokemon GO could be a boon to your small or medium-sized business if you know how to take advantage of it.

Linksys Launches Business-Grade, Dual-Band MU-MIMO Access Point

19 Jul, 2016

The new MU-MIMO technology will significantly enhance workplace network performance and help small businesses become more productive and efficient.

The U.S. Invasion of Cuban Telecom Happening Slowly

18 Jul, 2016

Things are better between the U.S and Cuba, but nowhere near perfect, including in telecommunications planning.

Confused by Digital Transformation? Welcome to the Club

18 Jul, 2016

Digital transformation is unlike technology developments of the past, primarily because it involves much more than technology.

Pokemon GO: Security Nightmare for BYOD

14 Jul, 2016

Users are spending more time per day playing Pokemon GO than they are using popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Where Is the Will to Use GPS Technology to Help Protect Kids?

14 Jul, 2016

There isn’t enough consumer interest for GPS technology to help safeguard kids.

5G: Which Came First, the Technology or the Standard?

11 Jul, 2016

Providers and vendors are announcing tests, choosing sides and generally building hype long before anyone knows precisely what 5G is.

Skype Meetings Goes After Small Businesses

08 Jul, 2016

News this week included Skype Meetings, telemental health service ratings, a CenturyLink fiber move, a Polycom sale, and numbers on mobile video revenue.

BlackBerry Misinformation and the Smartphone Security Crisis

08 Jul, 2016

We need at least one mobile device company where security is paramount and with which we can be better assured that these security processes actually work.

Mobile Payments Still Confusing, Still Growing

07 Jul, 2016

One quarter of U.S. smartphone owners use payment apps at least once monthly and more than 3 million retailers use Apple Pay and Android Pay.

BlackBerry Passes Two Milestones

06 Jul, 2016

While it's making a move from hardware to software, BlackBerry is still bringing out new phones.

IPsoft Previews Apollo Virtual Assistants to Replace IT Ops Staff

30 Jun, 2016

Virtual assistants are about to transform the way IT services are delivered in a way most IT organizations never imagined.

Red Hat and Microsoft Join Forces with Codenvy to Simplify App Development

27 Jun, 2016

It may take a while for both programmers and the IT organizations they work for to get used to the new world order of application development.

Microsoft Targets Hybrids at the Workplace

27 Jun, 2016

While the market seems to be in flux, it seems certain that the physical attributes of hybrids are very well tailored to work environments.

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