Startup Develops Wearable Aimed at Preventing Assaults on Women

23 Aug, 2016

The wearable device can be activated to sound an alarm and send out a location-based text alert in the event of an attempted assault.

A Powerful 5G Team Taking Shape

19 Aug, 2016

5G, virtual reality, and broadband grants make the news this week.

Microsoft vs. Intel and Teleportation

19 Aug, 2016

Why Intel’s Merged Reality effort could be a better solution than Microsoft's Mixed Reality effort.

Small Businesses Need to Reach Out to Mobile Customers

18 Aug, 2016

The first job of any business is to attract and retain customers. Not developing a mobile strategy to do this is a big mistake.

Intel Developer Forum 2016: Are You Ready for a Revolution?

16 Aug, 2016

At its Developer Forum, Intel talks virtual reality, autonomous driving and IoT.

5 Reasons to Deploy VDI for Better IT Management

16 Aug, 2016

Are remote data-management concerns stalling your business initiatives? Here are five ways VDI can simplify IT management.

FCC, Muni Broadband Lose Big at the 6th Circuit

11 Aug, 2016

The municipal broadband issue is important to the extent that limitations imposed by states make gaps in broadband coverage likely to be larger and more numerous.

Why Do We Need Desktop Phones Anymore?

11 Aug, 2016

It’s time to begin to move to a model where employees use the phone they have on them even more aggressively and stop supporting yet one more out-of-date technology.

Apple and Intel Acquire AI Properties

10 Aug, 2016

AI is a powerful and ubiquitous tool and Apple, Intel and others don’t want to be left behind.

Security Remains the Big BYOD Issue

09 Aug, 2016

Over the last five years, a lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same with BYOD. The changes are to the types and sophistication of security employed. The constant: Security is, by far, the biggest concern.

Bluetooth, Seeing IoT Growth, Seeks to Build on a Successful Standard

08 Aug, 2016

Bluetooth 5, married with the IoT, will revitalize this strangest of protocols, which manages to hide in plain sight.

Canvas Simplifies Digital Business Process Transformations

08 Aug, 2016

Canvas 8 enables end users to automate a paper-based process without any intervention on the part of the internal IT organization or a third-party developer.

Apple Struggles in India

05 Aug, 2016

News this week included Apple and other smartphones in developing countries, wireless and broadband performance across the U.S., LTE on trains, and combining robotics with BC/DR.

JAMF Delivers Software Updates Via Apple Management Platform

04 Aug, 2016

JAMF Software announced this week that it’s including content updating and patch management services in its cloud service for managing Apple devices.

Top 10 Strategic Technologies for Government in 2016

04 Aug, 2016

To enable government transformation initiatives, public sector CIOs should focus on and have a plan for this list of 10 strategic technologies.

Zoho Revamps CRM Portfolio

04 Aug, 2016

Zoho has revamped its namesake CRM application to embed support for email, social media, live chat and phone communications.

Things Looking Up for Drones

03 Aug, 2016

It has long been clear that drones will play a big role in corporate and civic life. We are at the point now at which the government and industry are working through the technical and regulatory issues.

5 Core Components for Successful App Development

03 Aug, 2016

Failure to invest in these key app development items upfront could result in a substantial amount of lost time and money down the road.

IDC: Second Quarter Smartphone Sales Flat

29 Jul, 2016

News this week included smartphone sales, Verizon's plans for Yahoo, the Sailfish OS, and Microsoft security requirements of PC makers.

Microsoft Surface Phone: What It Could Be

29 Jul, 2016

The Microsoft Surface Phone is one of the most highly anticipated phones coming to market and it isn’t even expected until 2017.

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