5 Ways Pokémon GO Is Driving Augmented Reality in the Enterprise

13 Sep, 2016

With the consumerization of AR, it appears the technology is finally within arm's reach for those savvy enterprises willing to reach out and grab it.

Cisco Alliance with Apple Advances Mobile Corporate Experience

13 Sep, 2016

Cisco and Apple today unveiled the benefits of a joint effort to make it easier to integrate Apple mobile computing devices with enterprise networks.

Enterprise Wearables on the Fast Track

12 Sep, 2016

The mobile app development world is changing dramatically as innovation moves beyond tablets and mobile phones to the possibilities that wearables bring.

IBM and NVIDIA Move to Corner the Enterprise Market for AI

12 Sep, 2016

An alliance between IBM and NVIDIA was announced last week around a small, intelligent, rack-mounted server called the Power System S822LC.

Microsoft Updates Its IoT Platform

09 Sep, 2016

Updates to Microsoft's IoT platform, mobile malware and 5G are in the news this week.

Iris Scanning May Be the Next Big Step in Security

08 Sep, 2016

Iris scanning is showing up in devices and may be on the iPhone 8 and other Apple devices. It’s also getting interest from at least one big manufacturer.

The Struggle to Protect Mobile Devices from Malware

08 Sep, 2016

A serious struggle is going on to protect mobile devices from malware, according to a number of recent reports.

Apple Debuts iPhone 7 and Watch Series 2

08 Sep, 2016

Apple has announced the next generation of its popular smart devices, including the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Watch Series 2.

Rules Provide Some Certainty for Commercial Drones

07 Sep, 2016

The FAA new rules, or Part 107, were met with a collective sigh of relief and even cheers by the drone industry.

The Transition to Less Expensive Smartphones Continues

06 Sep, 2016

A number of trends point to the transition of the smartphone business from North America and Western Europe.

Ericsson Introduces 5G New Radio

02 Sep, 2016

5G NR and court cases are in the news this week.

5 Best Practices for iOS Enterprise MDM

01 Sep, 2016

Adopting MDM best practices can result in less hassle in supporting employees, increased overall productivity and assurance that valuable company assets are secure.

Passwords Aren’t Safe from Hackers

31 Aug, 2016

According to a new survey, it really doesn’t matter how strong you make your passwords or where you store them: Hackers are going to figure them out.

Intel’s 7th Generation Processor and Why You Don’t Know It’s Needed

30 Aug, 2016

In general, based on Intel’s specifications for the 7th generation processor, you’ll see a 70 percent jump in productivity apps and a 3.5x jump in graphics over a machine that is five or more years old.

5G Coming, But LTE Not Standing Still

30 Aug, 2016

The goal is for the earlier standard to evolve until crossing the line from one to the other – in this case, from LTE to 5G – is a logical step, not a dramatic jump.

Wi-Fi Roaming Wasn’t Built in a Day

29 Aug, 2016

Wi-Fi is a quilt of coverage featuring municipal and public networks and corporate WLANs. Bringing sense to how they mesh and making it simple for users to move from one to the other is an important long-term goal.

HP Embeds Privacy Screen in Laptops

26 Aug, 2016

HP Sure View's privacy mode blocks all the light from the screen from being seen by anyone other than the primary user of the device.

Lots of Traffic on Comcast’s OpenStack Platform

26 Aug, 2016

Traffic stats for Comcast and some lawsuits in the telco industry are in the news this week.

IDVector Unfurls Secure VPN Service

24 Aug, 2016

IDVector is designed so an individual end user can deploy on his own or it can be made available across an entire organization by the IT department.

Small Cells Look to a Bright Future

23 Aug, 2016

One of the ways in which small cells will be used is to facilitate the transition to Voice Over LTE.

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