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Windows 7 Features Checklist

This handy checklist runs through features of the new Microsoft Operating system and helps you determine which ones will be of most use to your organization, as well as evaluate the cost of a roll-out.

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Windows 7 has thousands, if not tens of thousands, little tweaks and neat new features that might or might not make it worthwhile to deploy. Picking though all of the changes is a matter for people who have a lot, and we do mean a lot, of time on their hands.

This checklist helps you see what features are available and how those could be of benefit to your business. It helps you some of the following questions for each feature:

  • Do we need this feature in our environment?
  • How would this feature help us to achieve our project vision?
  • What would it take to configure this feature to our liking?
  • Is there a simpler, cheaper, or easier way to use this feature?
  • Which prototype will we try to have this done by?
  • Where will the configuration information be stored?

This document is part of a Windows 7 Migration Strategy Toolkit. It's a collection of practical tools and resources created by independent IT Consultants with years of experience managing the OS for organizations of all sizes. The tools and templates will enable you to develop a strategy to move to Windows 7 at the right time and in the right manner; build the business case for investing in Windows 7 upgrades; manage the Windows 7 upgrade project from start to finish with an array of tools that will save you time and put you in complete control; and communicate with all parties in your organization as upgrade planning, testing and implementation takes place.

The attached Zip file includes:

  • Intro Page.doc
  • Cover Sheet and Terms.pdf
  • Windows 7 Features Checklist.xls


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