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With this guide, you can learn not only what Twitter and tweeting is all about, but how to use it effectively in promoting the cause of your choice.

Twitter + Activism = Twittivism!

American Majority believes that candidates and activists ought to actively engage in cutting edge new media platforms as a powerful way to get their message out.

With American Majority's Twittivism Guide, you can learn not only what Twitter and tweeting is all about, but how to use it effectively in promoting the candidate of your choice. Chapters in this guide address Twitter vocabulary, the basic functions of Twitter and Twitter best practices.

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American Majority is a national non-profit, non-partisan political training institute whose mission is to train and equip a national network of leaders committed to individual freedom through limited government and the free market. Headquartered in Purcellville, Virginia, it currently has state offices in Arkansas, Kansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Missouri and Texas, with plans to open additional state offices in 2011. It also has certified trainers across the country who train activists in their local community.

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