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Tips To Pulling Off A Successful Webinar

Use this tutorial to learn how to plan and coordinate a successful Webinar.

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This document gives you the essentials for pulling off a great Webinar. Recommendations include:

  • Setting your goals

Define what you hope to accomplish  by hosting a webinar.

  • Planning ahead

Plan all webinar topics up to six  months out, regardless of whether the Webinar is later expected to have a  sponsor. Then, begin listing the webinar topics in blurbs on your Web site for  promotion. Internal experts should begin working on content about six weeks  before the presentation, and if a sponsor comes aboard, then work with the  sponsor to incorporate or edit content accordingly.

  • Identifying the team and costs

Indentify the people within your organization  that you would like to head the group that will produce the webinar. In  addition, use a webinar provider or service, but be prepared to pay. GoToWebinar  and WebEx are the most commonly used webinar providers. GoToWebinar is the  least expensive, but it doesn't have the VoIP capabilities of WebEx. GoToWebinar  just uses a URL, with no call-in feature.

The attached Zip file includes:

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