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The Hackett Group's IT Metric of the Month: Outsourcing Allocations

Outsourcing allocation-the percentage of outsourced cost in the total process cost-is an important and closely watched metric. World-class companies outsource a substantially larger portion of their IT processes than peer group companies: close to half of all their technology infrastructure-related processes.

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The Hackett Group, a global strategic advisory firm, is a company specializing in best practice advisory, benchmarking, and transformation consulting services, including shared services, offshoring and outsourcing advice.

Utilizing best practices and implementation insights from more than 4,000 benchmarking engagements, executives use Hackett's empirically based approach to quickly define and prioritize initiatives to enable world-class performance.

Part of the research The Hackett Group offers is a metric of the month. This month's metric focuses on outsourcing allocations.

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