The 6 Musts of Intelligent System Automation Excerpt

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IT Automation holds enormous promise for controlling IT costs and creating a more agile business. But to institute IT Automation, you must first have firm control of your platforms and goals. This book excerpt will get you started.

In a new book from rPath, "The 6 Musts of Intelligent System Automation," author Jake Sorofman discusses how enterprises must intelligently automate to deal with the scale, speed and cost requirements of next-generation IT.

The six "musts" include:

  • Get your platforms under control
  • Get your applications under control
  • Version control everything
  • Control changes through the lifecycle
  • Update surgically
  • Become metrics driven

This excerpt from the book, titled "Intelligent Change: The Goal of Intelligent System Automation," presents four essential automation principles.

The attached Zip file includes:

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  • The 6 Musts of Intelligent System Automation Excerpt.pdf
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IT is under pressure to reduce cost, improve responsiveness and accelerate change. rPath is model-driven system automation and control for enterprise IT, ISVs and on-demand service providers. rPath uniquely provides full lifecycle management of software components, configured systems and orchestrated business services for rapid provisioning, conflict-free change and consistent and compliant IT systems. rPath models and manages the entire software stack, from the application through the OS, and back through the software supply chain, from the deployed system to the source of software content and change. The result is a low-overhead solution for consistency and control in software systems construction, deployment and change across physical, virtual and cloud-based environments.

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