MX Logic Threat Forecast August 2009

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This threat forecast is developed using current and historical data and trends, as well as expert analysis of real time spam and virus events.

The monthly MX Logic Threat Forecast & Report is designed to provide IT leaders and messaging security professionals with information on recent and potential email and Web threats. The forecast is developed using current and historical data and trends, as well as expert analysis of real time spam and virus events monitored and assessed by the 24x7 MX Logic Threat Operations Center.

MX Logic anticipates spam volume for August to remain relatively unchanged, compared to July. More and more infection vectors that don't rely on e-mail are becoming an ever increasing part of the spammer's arsenal, and it seems that more effort is being shifted into seriously exploring delivery of their spam via these new methods. In fact, over the past several months, we've witnessed this shift from email-borne threats to web-borne threats and have finally crossed the threshold where web-borne threats are becoming the predominant method.

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As the industry's preeminent Web and Email security provider, MX Logic (now part of McAfee and known as McAfee SaaS Email & Web Security) protects the communication integrity of more than 35,000 businesses, including some of the world's largest multi-national corporations. A pioneer of "cloud-based" technology since 2002, MX Logic offers a complete range of military-grade managed security services, including: MX Logic Web Defense Service MX Logic Email Defense Service MX Logic Message Archiving MX Logic Disaster Recovery Services All of these services operate outside of the customer network and are managed across a single, massively multi-tenant platform.

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