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Guide to Spyware

Spyware is no longer just an annoying advertising gimmick. Professional criminals use it for identify theft and large-scale scams. This guide will give you and overview of the technical solutions for fighting spyware.

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Spyware is becoming more widespread as online attackers and traditional criminals use it as a tool for crimes against individuals, businesses, and governments. Statutes banning spyware exist in a number of states and Congress is considering national legislation.

Spyware can lead to financial loss, as in identity theft and credit card fraud, and it can also reduce consumers' confidence in online safety and their willingness to participate in modern electronic commerce.

One approach to combating spyware is to make it less profitable for the criminals using it. Technical solutions that combat spyware focus on finding, blocking, or removing spyware.

This research guide gives an overview of spyware and outlines some practices to defend against it.

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