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Green IT Checklist

Use this checklist to help create an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient data center.

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"Green" or environmentally friendly back offices and data centers are garnering quite a bit of attention these days — not only because of their energy efficiencies, but also because of the costs they can save. With the economic downturn, making data centers and overall IT operations more efficient only makes practical sense.

Utility costs have not historically been a concern for IT departments, yet a majority of utility expenses are rooted in IT. Every watt of IT-load saved in a data center is equal to two watts, when UPS and cooling are considered. And combined energy savings of up to 30 percent are achievable without major upgrades.

This checklist can help you determine ways you can "go green" by improving airflow, achieving better cooling efficiency and turning off "zombie" servers.

The attached Zip file includes:

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