Excessive Use of Information Technology Resources Policy

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There is only so much network bandwidth to go around. This sample policy will help you ensure that users are not jeopardizing key applications and business processes with casual video browsing and other bandwidth hogs.

Excessive use of information technology resources by a particular user, or for a particular activity, reduces the amount of resource available to satisfy the needs of other users. Excessive use may degrade or jeopardize system functionality, and can result in significant costs to the university. It is important to allocate information technology resources in such a way that prioritizes uses that directly serve the university mission, avoids or eliminates service degradation, and enables the most effective overall use of university information technology resources.

This policy, provided by IU's University Information Policy Office, applies to all users of Indiana University information technology resources regardless of affiliation, and irrespective of whether those resources are accessed from on-campus or off-campus locations.

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Indiana University's University Information Policy Office is charged with: •IT policy development, dissemination and education •Information usage/management policy development and education •Review and analysis of existing policies for continued applicability and effectiveness •Interpretation of current policy related to specific issues, situations and incidents •Coordinating response to incidents of inappropriate use of information or IT •Interaction with computer security officers to develop and administer security education and awareness programs, and to assist with investigation of computer security incidents •Administration of University computer accounts

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