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Effective Problem Management

Service outages happen. This real-world example of how a hosting service researches, tracks and resolves problems will help you develop similar diligence procedures in your own enterprise.

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This paper, written by Charles T. Foy, a service level manager with Siemens Healthcare's Enterprise Hosting Services, describes the problem management process my company uses to investigate, classify, communicate and remediate the causes of service outages. Most outages have multiple addressable root causes; our process links these to the outage for analysis and assignment of multiple remediation actions. Root causes can also be analyzed independently, providing powerful trending metrics. The evolution of our problem management system is discussed, along with classification methods and items tracked. This process has proven to be very effective in eliminating repeat outages.

This research paper, fully titled "Say Goodbye to Post-Mortems: Say Hello to Effective Problem Management and Increased Availability" is part of the Computer Measurement Group's award-winning research papers which reflect the best of what is offered at the CMG annual conference.

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