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'Dot Cloud - The 21st Century Business Platform Built on Cloud Computing' Excerpt

"The Cloud" is not only changing the way applications are delivered; it is changing the businesses are run. This book chapter, by a former CIO, discusses the strategic impact of the cloud on your enterprise

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A technology storm is brewing, and it's no less than a perfect storm, as it's coming at us in the midst of the current dire economic climate. It's called "the Cloud," a 21st century business platform built on cloud computing technologies.

Just as it was with a fresh new Internet of only a decade ago, "the Cloud" and the technologies of cloud computing suffer from confusion and hype. Nevertheless, these are game-changing phenomena, so business leaders -- and the rest of us -- must gain an understanding of what these terms really mean and how they will affect us, just as much as the Internet has affected us all.

In "Dot.Cloud: The 21st Century Business Platform Built on Cloud Computing," business strategy expert and former CIO Peter Fingar explains the main ideas of cloud computing in lay terms. The books is about what "the Cloud" portends for business -- about transformation in the ways companies are managed -- and about business models for the 21st century. It's about how companies carry out their work in "the Cloud" instead of office buildings and skyscrapers, and how they deliver their "services" in "the Cloud." It's also about human interactions in "the Cloud," and about the end of management and the rise of self-organizing, self-managed "Bioteams."

This excerpt comes from the book's second chapter entitled "The Gathering Storm: Get Your Head into the Clouds." It also includes the preface, forward and table of contents for the book.

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