Dashboards and Scorecards Examples

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Dashboards and scorecards allow you to monitor vital Xs. Read this detailed document to compare and contrast these two tools, and to learn more about them through helpful examples.

Dashboards and scorecards are helpful tools that allow you to monitor vital Xs that have been identified — which are critical contributors to the quality of the process output — and to take action before a process goes out of control.

The names "dashboard" and "scorecard" were chosen with respect to their real-world usage. A scorecard is a report card of how a given person, business unit or entity performed with respect to certain goals over a given time period. A dashboard is a set of indicators about the state of a process, piece of equipment, or a business metric such as availability of systems or number of open tickets at a specific point in time.

The accompanying document is a basic primer and comparison of dashboards and scorecards.

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