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"Behavioral Analytics for Dummies" gives marketing, Web analytics and BI professionals the knowledge to turn customer data into profit-driving actions.

Behavioral Analytics for Dummies gives marketing, Web analytics and business intelligence professionals the knowledge required to turn customer data into profit-driving actions. This book is full of educational information that will help you find the profits hidden within customer behaviors across all touch points, and will show you who should use behavioral analytics, how behavioral analytics is different from other analytics, how to apply behavioral analytics to business strategy and how the power of affinities guides companies to make the right strategic and tactical decisions.

This excerpt contains the book's entire fourth chapter entitled, "Applying Behavioral Analytics to Real Business Challenges." In this chapter, you'll see how to put your Behavioral Analytics results into action. That may mean optimizing your online marketing, monetizing your website visitors, improving business-to-business (B2B) sales effectiveness or some other customer-focused task.

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