An Initial Comparative Analysis of the CMMI Version 1.2 Development Constellation and the ISO 9000 Family

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This technical note compares and contrasts ISO 9001 and the Development constellation of the CMMI Product Suite to help build a bridge between the two bodies.

An increasing number of product-development organizations are paying attention to both ISO 9001 and the Development constellation of the CMMI Product Suite. This technical note, provided by Software Engineering Institute, compares and contrasts these two bodies of knowledge to help build a bridge between the ISO 9001 and CMMI communities that will promote mutual understanding.

While the two bodies of knowledge were developed independently and for different purposes, they have important connections and are largely consistent with each other.

Organizations that are implementing both ISO 9001 and the CMMI Development constellation will benefit from an understanding of areas that are covered fully by both bodies of knowledge, as well as areas not covered by both. This understanding can lead to efficiencies of operation, as well as better clarity for those responsible for implementation and operations.

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  • An Initial Comparitive Analyis of the CMMI Version 1.2 Development Constellation and the ISO 9000 Family.pdf
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