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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Reference Guide

This document serves as a reference sheet for Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, a Web application that allows developers to build standards-based websites.

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Adobe Dreamweaver is a Web development application provided by Adobe Systems. Dreamweaver, available for Mac and Windows operating systems, incorporates support for Web technologies such as CSS, JavaScript, and various server-side scripting languages and frameworks including ASP.NET, ColdFusion, JavaServer Pages (JSP) and PHP. As a WYSIWYG Presto-based editor, Dreamweaver can hide the HTML code details of pages from the user, making it possible for non-coders to create Web pages and sites. The attached document serves as a reference sheet for Dreamweaver CS3.

The attached Zip file includes:

  • Intro Page.doc
  • Cover Sheet and Terms.pdf
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS3.pdf