The FCC Moves to End Net Neutrality

21 Nov, 2017

Before it is even approved, consumer groups are already preparing to challenge the new order regarding net neutrality in court.

Resetting for Below Zero Tolerance on Sexual Harassment

21 Nov, 2017

Avoid companies, managers and execs who behave inappropriately, not only because they could behave inappropriately with you but because you could become part of the collateral damage.

Three J.D. Power Studies Show Changing Attitudes and a Demanding Public

17 Nov, 2017

Telecom carriers and service providers spend millions of dollars researching how people feel about their products. Some of the best public information about these issues comes from J.D. Power.

Bill Gates’ City of Tomorrow: Can He Do What Disney Could Not?

17 Nov, 2017

Bill Gates has control over the outcome of his futuristic city idea, because technology has advanced to a level that makes the overall vision more viable.

Learning to Love Your Technology, and Vice Versa

17 Nov, 2017

The purpose behind IT technology development is to make work processes simpler and the knowledge worker more efficient. But the workforce is frustrated with the tools it uses.

Rackspace Partners with HPE to Drive Private Clouds Based on OpenStack

15 Nov, 2017

Organizations of all sizes now want to be able to treat IT as an operational cost without necessarily having to sacrifice the benefits of a single-tenant IT environment.

John Chen: Messages from the BlackBerry Keynote

14 Nov, 2017

Follow the BlackBerry focus on security because it will help you properly prioritize the classes of system that are mostly likely to be breached.

New Vendor Solutions Target AI

14 Nov, 2017

AI will foster a world in which computing expertise is no longer a prerequisite for building and deploying applications and services.

Ruckus Unveils Next Generation Edge Switch

14 Nov, 2017

IT organizations will be challenged to keep pace with advancements in mobile computing because they do not always appreciate the impact of the latest generation of mobile devices on their networks.

Good News/Bad News for Security Protection

13 Nov, 2017

Was the Equifax breach finally the wake-up call that organizations needed?

Panasas Advances Parallel File System

13 Nov, 2017

As data center environments become denser and more distributed, there is more contention for storage resources than ever.

Broadcom Qualcomm Merger: A Tragedy in Four Acts

10 Nov, 2017

Elements of a good merger range from assuring the scope of the acquiring company is broad enough to cover the acquisition to assuring there is a process that will not destroy the acquired company. Those elements do not exist here.

AI Is Here, But How to Deploy It?

10 Nov, 2017

Even the most advanced AI platform can only produce results that are as good as the data it is given and according to the parameters in which that data is queried.

Samsung Increases IT Appeal of Smartphone

10 Nov, 2017

As end users increasingly become less awed by smartphones, many of them will be just as happy to defer the choice of smartphone they use to an IT department.

The Cloud and the Edge: The Twain Shall Meet

08 Nov, 2017

More computing infrastructure is embedded in the cloud, putting computing smarts further from users. At the same time, an increasing portion of services and apps that consumers and businesses use requires instantaneous reactions.

It Will Be a Long Time Before Broadcom Acquires Qualcomm, If Ever

07 Nov, 2017

Several big players have a negative reaction to the idea of Broadcom buying Qualcomm.

Easing the Burden of Building the Private Cloud

07 Nov, 2017

In terms of application importance, the private cloud is likely to support the heart of data operations for some time to come.

Intel and AMD Coopetition: I Am Thinking Hell Just Froze Over

06 Nov, 2017

Done right, coopetition creates opportunities for all parties that would not exist otherwise and can reduce competitive inefficiencies.

IBM Unfurls Data Catalog Service

03 Nov, 2017

IT organizations can now make use of the IBM public cloud to manage data wherever it resides.

Riverbed Looks to Centralize IT Monitoring

02 Nov, 2017

Riverbed SteelCentral can now pull data from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure and share information with the service desk applications.

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