The DevOps Team: Putting the Right People in the Right Places

27 Feb, 2018

Enterprises transitioning toward a DevOps model of application development and support are quickly finding that the most crucial asset at their disposal is not tools or technology, but people.

CRM Plus BPM Lies at Heart of Superior Customer Experience Management

27 Feb, 2018

Organizations are starting to view investments in CRM and marketing applications within the context of a larger exercise in business process management (BPM).

How to Create Your GDPR Budget

27 Feb, 2018

You are going to have data privacy-related costs, with or without GDPR; however, as GDPR compliance is part of your security and privacy plan, you will need to think about extra funds.

SAP Partners with Deutsche Telekom to Enable Digital Supply Chains

27 Feb, 2018

Creating IoT apps still requires a fair amount of manual effort. The project between SAP and DT is intended to reduce that effort at a time when organizations are looking to digitize their supply chains.

Equifax Breach Findings Show Why We Need GDPR

27 Feb, 2018

Data breaches are going to continue to happen. GDPR will require U.S. companies to be more forthright with EU residents in a breach aftermath. Will they be more open with Americans?

SAP Employs AI to Advance Business Process Management

26 Feb, 2018

The latest release of SAP S/4 HANA Cloud, among other new capabilities, can now automatically extract payment information from PDF documents.

GDPR’s Countdown Now Past X-Day

26 Feb, 2018

X-day for GDPR is past now, which means organizations have fewer than 100 days until it goes into effect and they may be subject to serious fines.

Field Service Apps Are at the Tip of Digital BPM Spear

23 Feb, 2018

One of the areas where business process management (BPM) software is being most aggressively applied to transform a business process is field service.

CRM Applications Leaders Prepare for Digital Business Battle

22 Feb, 2018

In many ways, CRM apps from a digital business perspective are already the front-end apps that provide insights into the supply chain. Vendors are removing the friction that exists between enterprise apps.

Finding the Right Tool for the DevOps Job

22 Feb, 2018

Those who embrace DevOps now will be in a far better position to capitalize on emerging application- and service-based business models in the coming decade.

Red Hat Makes BPM Case to Empower End Users

21 Feb, 2018

Red Hat Decision Manager 7 enables business users or citizen developers to directly modify business logic without any intervention on the part of a professional developer required.

Selecting Project Management Software Today, and Tomorrow

21 Feb, 2018

Project management platforms can extend from simple apps to sophisticated software stacks with deep functionality. And projects that are being managed are as broad and differentiated as businesses themselves.

GRC Product Packages: Finding the One That’s Best for You

20 Feb, 2018

Questions around selecting a GRC product package start with who is driving the decision-making process and continue on through where your organization wants to be in relation to where it is now.

How to Overcome CRM Application Resistance

16 Feb, 2018

Instead of making random cold calls, salespeople now leverage social media along with personal productivity apps, email, and CRM software to make offers that are more relevant to the needs of individual customers.

Low-Code Platforms Shift Application Buy versus Build Debate

13 Feb, 2018

As low-code platforms for developing applications become more accessible, the calculations used to determine when an organization should build versus buy an application are starting to change.

What Skills Are Needed to Excel at DevOps?

09 Feb, 2018

Formal training is the best way to begin the acquisition of DevOps skillsets, but there is no substitute for experience.

Path to BPM Needs to Start with Keen Understanding of the Process

08 Feb, 2018

The primary decision most IT organizations need to make when it comes to BPM is still whether to buy an application or build one themselves.

How DevOps Affects the CIO

07 Feb, 2018

The CIO must not only manage the changes to infrastructure and processes that guide this new form of knowledge work, DevOps, but must also reevaluate the basic functions that a CIO must perform.

PCI Compliance Comes to Mobile Devices

06 Feb, 2018

Your GRC team should be ready for new compliance requirements, such as this new PCI rule.

Organizations Uneducated About GDPR and Data Privacy

02 Feb, 2018

Organizations are doing a very poor job at preparing their staff about GDPR and what they need to do to make sure the company remains in compliance.

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