Cisco Looks to Accelerate DaaS Adoption

17 Dec, 2013

Cisco has essentially created a turnkey architecture for deploying DaaS inside the enterprise by either an internal IT organization or an external service provider.

How to Survive the Awkwardness of the Office Holiday Party

17 Dec, 2013

Learn tips on how to navigate the holiday office party with ease and tact, and how to network and make a simple exit.

Mirantis Launches OpenStack Certification Program

17 Dec, 2013

The new OpenStack certifications will be for both traditional administrators inside enterprise IT organizations and cloud service providers.

A Boomer’s Tale: From Purveyor of Office Plants to Digital Entrepreneur

16 Dec, 2013

Jeff Mariola, a boomer digital entrepreneur, explains his path and the three factors that must come together for success.

What Makes a Company a Great Place to Work for Software Engineers?

11 Dec, 2013

Unicorn Media makes it very clear how much it values and appreciates its employees.

Survey Shows SMBs Take Compliance, Risk Seriously

10 Dec, 2013

Nexia's survey shows that nearly two-thirds of small to midsize businesses already have a risk assessment process in place.

Kaseya Unveils BYOD Management Platform

10 Dec, 2013

The platform is designed for IT organizations that need to manage mobile computing devices that don’t belong to them.

An Alternative to Centralizing or Embedding Data Scientists

09 Dec, 2013

Organizations are shifting to a more data-driven world, and that will mean developing the in-house ability to effectively use data.

Security Focus Trends Upward for IT Departments

09 Dec, 2013

Everything, including security spending and initiatives, is trending up, according to a survey of IT professionals themselves.

The Oxymoronic Workplace: Two Programmers Paired at One Computer

09 Dec, 2013

At Menlo Innovations, software developers work in pairs, and nobody can write a single line of code without their partner present. Don't think that works? It does.

Twitter’s First Female Board Member Selected

06 Dec, 2013

The lack of a female board member became famously entwined with the analysis of the company’s strengths and weaknesses leading up to its IPO.

Big Data Keeps on Truckin'

06 Dec, 2013

Logistics companies had many of the early Big Data successes. A new business intelligence platform builds on that experience.

Advice for IT Leaders: Building an Ethical Workplace Begins at the Top

06 Dec, 2013

For IT leaders, ethics should be treated as an ongoing journey, not a once-a-year training program.

HP Plays Cloud Financing Card

06 Dec, 2013

HP is betting that attractive financing options will swing more than a few cloud deals its way.

Tools of the Trade for Systems Integrators

05 Dec, 2013

Find out which products and vendors systems integrators rely on and how ITSM fits into the market for integration vendors.

Are Carriers Overestimating the Need for Speed?

05 Dec, 2013

Telecommunications networks are getting faster, but how fast do they have to be?

AMD vs. Yahoo: How to Do, or Not Do, a Turnaround

05 Dec, 2013

AMD appears to be methodically executing against a defined strategy to accomplish an articulated goal. Yahoo appears to be doing a lot of stuff.

Hedging Against Weather-Related Risks

04 Dec, 2013

The weather risk management concept is more rooted in the U.S. than in Europe.

IT’s BYOD Approach Is Wrongheaded

04 Dec, 2013

Serious mobility management is desperately needed before BYOD goes too far in the wrong direction.

Interview Scheduling Software May Not Be a Big Deal Now, But Just You Wait

04 Dec, 2013

Jonathan Kennell left Google to start Reschedge, an innovative company that provides interview scheduling software for recruiters and HR.

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