Big Data Lessons from the Real World

25 Nov, 2013

What’s it really like to do a Big Data project, if you're not, say, Google?  

Verizon Takes on PCI 3.0 Penetration Testing Requirements

25 Nov, 2013

PCI 3.0, which goes into effect starting in January of 2014, brings more stringent requirements and higher costs.

Twelve Challenges Facing IT Professionals in 2014

22 Nov, 2013

The coming year will have 12 main challenges for IT management and staff. Here's a rundown of those challenges and some ways to deal with them.

Renewable Energy and the Enterprise: A Worthy Goal, But…

22 Nov, 2013

Even if 100 percent renewable proves to be an elusive goal, the planet would still be better off with its data infrastructure reducing fossil fuel consumption even by a fraction.

The Fight to Eliminate the Scourge of Fake Online Reviews

22 Nov, 2013

Mindshare Technologies has launched OpenTell, an online platform that serves as a trusted third party to certify customer reviews.

Productivity Thwarted by Poor Data Integration — And Business Users Notice

20 Nov, 2013

Data integration will continue to be a barrier to productivity and efficiency as long as it continues to be an afterthought.

Microsoft Begins Windows 8.1 Push

20 Nov, 2013

The message Microsoft is attempting to build is that when it comes to getting things done, not just playing, Windows 8.1 is the better solution.

Information Builders Chimes in on the BI Good Ol’ Boys’ Club

20 Nov, 2013

A woman executive from Information Builders gives her thoughts on the exclusion of women in BI and in executive seats in general.

Employee Stacking Treats a Symptom, Not the Cause, of Useless Performance Reviews

19 Nov, 2013

Microsoft is moving away from employee stacking, while Yahoo is adopting it. The flawed system makes it hard for managers and employees to get full value out of the review process.

Five Common Excuses for Avoiding Windows Migrations

14 Nov, 2013

Here are five major excuses often heard that prevent IT from staying current in terms of the operating system, and many other technologies.

Five Ways Work-at-Home Programs Boost Business ROI

13 Nov, 2013

In addition to the many benefits for employees, businesses are also experiencing financial and non-financial benefits that had not been previously foreseen.

Passing the Torch Without Getting Scorched

07 Nov, 2013

This book is designed to help you navigate the process of developing an effective succession plan for your business.

Hot Commodity: The MBA Techie

07 Nov, 2013

With the glory days of the financial sector fading, the best of the best MBAs are making their way into the tech sector, seeking innovation and career opportunities.

Adaptiva Service Cuts Windows Migration Times

06 Nov, 2013

Adaptiva is expanding its operating system deployment (OSD) service for deploying operating systems to include more advanced capabilities.

Palmer’s Case Against Infosys: It Was, Indeed, a Game Changer

06 Nov, 2013

Stakeholders in the investigation believe it will have long-term effects for investigators and global firms.

The Case for Reorganizing IT for Hybrid Environments

05 Nov, 2013

Perhaps the integration challenges of cloud are unique enough to swing the pendulum toward decentralized IT, at least for the foreseeable future.

Ready for Launch: Five Steps for a Successful Go-Live

04 Nov, 2013

Tips to ensure that when a site gets the green light to go live, it’s ready for peak performance, regardless of the amount of traffic it experiences.

SMBs Should Insure Data Through Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans

04 Nov, 2013

SMBs may face challenges when it comes to backups and DR, but should consider the consequences and investigate their options.

Five Ways Traditional BPM Will Fail

04 Nov, 2013

Businesses today have a wealth of technology options at their fingertips, but what platform is best for activities like task management and workflow automation?

JAMF Software Makes Managing Apple Mavericks in the Enterprise Simpler

04 Nov, 2013

JAMF's Casper Suite gets enterprise help desk staff up to speed on managing OS X Mavericks quickly and easily.

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