CloudSigma Brings Snapshot Management to Public Cloud Storage Service

06 Jan, 2014

CloudSigma CEO Robert Jenkins says the ability to apply policies to a public cloud service is especially significant.

Study Finds Self-Service Integration Worthwhile for BI

03 Jan, 2014

Where self-service integration is used, managers are 17 percent more likely to find the right information at the right time.

App Development in the Age of BYOD

02 Jan, 2014

The need to rethink how apps are put together is a logical follow-on and inevitable next step in the consumerization of IT.

Will the NSA Kill the U.S. Tech Market?

02 Jan, 2014

A powerful lobbying effort, supported by most technology vendors, focused on assuring the U.S. government doesn’t inadvertently destroy the U.S. technology market, may be in order.

Pegasystems Boosts Customer Service in a Digital Age

02 Jan, 2014

The need to be able to provide a better customer experience is creating opportunities for IT professionals to be more relevant inside their organizations.

MuleSoft Provides Hybrid Cloud Option for Integration

02 Jan, 2014

MuleSoft has made available a private cloud option with CloudHub, the integration platform the company makes available as a service.

Splunk Digs Into the Year of the Big Data Application

02 Jan, 2014

This year will be the one in which businesses discover the applications that turn all that data into something of business value.

The Death of Bitcoin, the Currency That Could Harm Your Company and Career

01 Jan, 2014

Given that it is being used for activities that could hurt or implicate IT, policies should be changed to prevent this damage and to keep employees from being tempted or falsely implicated.

What Do You Want the Enterprise to Do?

30 Dec, 2013

Viewing infrastructure through the lens of functionality can often lead to innovative solutions to problems that hamper data flow and productivity.

Five Tips to Give Leaders a Jump on the New Year

30 Dec, 2013

Failure rates among new leaders can run 50 percent or higher. Leadership experts provide five tips for new leaders on how to create success in 2014.

Mobile Device Management Is Changing and May Be Obsolete

27 Dec, 2013

Focusing on protecting devices that cost less than boardroom chairs is a waste of money.

Why Cloudera Hadoop on AWS May Make Big Data Easier for CIOs

24 Dec, 2013

Cloudera will offer its Hadoop enterprise solution on Amazon Web Services.

Use Holiday Down Time to Create a Business Continuity Plan

23 Dec, 2013

During the slow-down around the holidays is a good time to create a business continuity/disaster recovery plan.

Cluelessness About Teambuilding Makes for a Lousy IT Leader

23 Dec, 2013

Author Dr. Gordon Curphy says the ability to build a cohesive, goal-oriented team is the most essential characteristic in an outstanding IT leader.

IBM Predicts a Vastly Smarter Future

19 Dec, 2013

The future that IBM forecasts will be here in five short years: smarter cities, online guardians, custom medical treatments to the DNA level and more.

Michael Dell and the Power of Being Private

18 Dec, 2013

Being private frees Dell up to adopt a partnering strategy, among many other benefits. Rob Enderle and Michael Dell spoke about these topics and much more.

Cloud Storage Cozies Up to the Enterprise

17 Dec, 2013

Cloud providers are introducing a wide range of top-tier storage features in their platforms.

Cisco Looks to Accelerate DaaS Adoption

17 Dec, 2013

Cisco has essentially created a turnkey architecture for deploying DaaS inside the enterprise by either an internal IT organization or an external service provider.

How to Survive the Awkwardness of the Office Holiday Party

17 Dec, 2013

Learn tips on how to navigate the holiday office party with ease and tact, and how to network and make a simple exit.

Mirantis Launches OpenStack Certification Program

17 Dec, 2013

The new OpenStack certifications will be for both traditional administrators inside enterprise IT organizations and cloud service providers.

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