From Multitasking to Supertasking

13 May, 2014

Reducing multitasking can lead to more effective work practices and gains in productivity.

FCC Goes Back to Square One on Net Neutrality

13 May, 2014

The FCC seems no closer to a resolution than it was the day the decision was handed down.

The New IT: All Services, All the Time?

13 May, 2014

Once private and hybrid clouds are in place, it will be easier to put IT on a service footing that encompasses the reliability and control of internal infrastructure and the scalability of external resources.

Mix of IT Initiatives Offer Compelling, Immediate Savings for Federal Agencies

12 May, 2014

Existing infrastructure is preventing savings with two-thirds of Federal network managers saying their networks are not sufficient to deliver cost-saving initiatives.

10 Tips on How IT Leaders Can Develop a Service-Oriented Perspective

09 May, 2014

Leadership consultant Matt Tenney shares his list of 10 ways for IT leaders to develop a more service-oriented approach.

Do CIOs Need the Help of a Chief Strategy Officer?

07 May, 2014

IT is such a fundamental element of corporate strategy, so it would seem that hiring a CSO might create a clash with the CIO.

Five Critical Customer-Experience Management Capabilities for 2014

05 May, 2014

Effective customer-experience management requires a great deal of agility across a variety of technologies. Here are five capabilities that are a must for 2014.

A Lesson for IT Leaders: Be of Service to Others

05 May, 2014

Large tech companies have embraced the idea of 'mindfulness' to help become better at serving others.

HP and Getting Rid of Dr. No

01 May, 2014

The larger and more complex the firm, the more likely you are to have an impressive number of people who have gamed risk and have found their career path by assuring that others can’t get things done.

Still a Long Way to Go on IPv6

01 May, 2014

The resistance and inertia technologists pushing IPv6 have dealt with stems from the facts that it is quite a bit of work and one that brings no immediate rush of revenue. It is an enabler, not a profit center.

ServiceNow Extends IT Service Community Reach

30 Apr, 2014

With the rise of IT management applications in the cloud, most IT people now regularly participate in at least one online community.

TIBCO Outlines Plans for Jaspersoft Acquisition

29 Apr, 2014

The end goal of the TIBCO BI strategy is to eliminate the need for IT organizations to look to separate vendors to get data visualization, BI applications and data integration software.

Building the Right Foundation for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

28 Apr, 2014

A firm GRC foundation requires a solid understanding of what will be built on top of it, so it can support all the activities with a common framework.

Finding the True Value of the Cloud

28 Apr, 2014

It seems many organizations have lost sight of the fact that services and service providers can vary greatly in terms of quality, reliability and overall functionality.

Where Is It Now? SOA Still Around 14 Years After Demise as Tech Trend

28 Apr, 2014

SOA was one of those highly controversial innovations a few years ago. It went through a very high hype cycle, then fell into an equally low trough of disillusionment.

SoftWatch Analytics Application Tracks Microsoft Office Usage

28 Apr, 2014

The return on investment in Microsoft Office has always been a relatively expensive proposition. Now SoftWatch Technologies is making available the tools to prove it.

IBM Power and the Fourth Generation of Data Center Scale Out

24 Apr, 2014

It is fascinating to see where the power, no pun intended, resides in each generation.

IPv6 Readiness: Challenges and Deployment Strategies

23 Apr, 2014

Survey results found that only a small percentage of respondents are IPv6-ready and even fewer are offering IPv6 to their end users, due in large part to challenges operators face.

You’re on the Cloud, But Do You Have a Plan?

23 Apr, 2014

“Getting on the cloud” may be a top priority in the executive suite, but the consequences of decisions regarding infrastructure development and services deployment are a lot headier than many realize.

How Fast Are the World's Top Shopping Sites?

22 Apr, 2014

The median for the top 500 e-commerce home pages took 10 seconds to load. In spring 2012, the median loaded in 6.8 seconds, a 47 percent slowdown.

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