Google I/O Counterpoint: For Business, Does a 5-Inch Tablet Make More Sense Than a Smartphone?

26 Jun, 2014

Trying to force a smartphone to fill the bill for business needs is making less sense. It's not secure enough, and that's only one reason.

Key Drivers Radically Transforming Business Continuity Management

25 Jun, 2014

Effective disaster recovery planning is increasingly leveraging advanced technologies in a way that supports, strengthens and streamlines the various processes, policies and procedures needed to maintain business-critical functions following a disruptive event.

Use of Enterprise Mobile Apps Growing

25 Jun, 2014

Enterprise mobile apps have to be more secure, robust and capable of linking to back-office databases and repositories.

Four Reasons Why Companies Fail in Web App Performance Testing

25 Jun, 2014

Appvance CEO Kevin Surace says back-loaded testing schedules, unrealistic reliance on code and other screw-ups are all too common.

Dell Embraces Raft of Emerging Enterprise Technologies

24 Jun, 2014

It may take a while for IT organizations to think of Dell as a source of IT innovation. But as of 2014, it’s clear that Dell is trying to change how it’s perceived across the enterprise.

Puppet Labs Certifies Automated IT Ecosystem

24 Jun, 2014

The idea behind creating the alliance was to let IT organizations easily identify technologies that have been certified to work with the company’s Puppet IT automation software.

Bridging Gaps Among Diverse Workers Brings New Levels of Workplace Productivity

23 Jun, 2014

Dr. Shelley Reciniello uses psychological forensics to dive into troubling issues within the corporate world and find out how to increase productivity.

Big Data, Cloud Pushing Adoption of Data Archiving

23 Jun, 2014

Growth of structured data is particularly a concern as organizations try to separate out useful from non-essential data.

The Differences Between Hardware Design and Software Development

23 Jun, 2014

Here are a few of the key differences between hardware design and software development.

Staffing Exec Offers Tips for Recruiting Millennial IT Talent

23 Jun, 2014

Millennials are looking for flexible working hours, constant collaboration, quick movement up the organizational ladder, and a cool city to live in. That's all.

FCC: ISPs Living Up to Their Promises

20 Jun, 2014

News this week included Open Network Foundation growth, smartphone kill switches, LTE and working on vacation.

Scale and Performance: The Case for Bare Metal in the Cloud

20 Jun, 2014

A classic Catch-22: We want more cloud, but the more we consume, the less useful it becomes.

LogMeIn Launches AppGuru to Rein in BYOA

20 Jun, 2014

IT organizations can both monitor which applications are actually being used and provide access to a catalog of applications sanctioned by the internal IT organization.

BlackBerry Continues to Recover

19 Jun, 2014

Key high points: Project Ion, QNX as an Internet of Things platform, the EZ Pass Program and a deal with Amazon.

Five Ways to Minimize the Risk of System Downtime

18 Jun, 2014

On the surface, losing access to core systems, including email servers and backend processors, is frustrating and cripples employee productivity. Unfortunately, that's not the worst of it.

NetApp Extends Unified Storage Portfolio

17 Jun, 2014

Given the fact that the server-side storage is much closer to the compute engine, the all-Flash array is most likely going to be a relatively niche market.

The Conscious Leader: Nine Principles and Practices to Create a Wide-Awake and Productive Workplace

17 Jun, 2014

The excerpt from chapter 6 addresses the issue of diversity in the workplace, and the need for the capacity to relate to people who are from different worlds.

Software AG Sees BPI Moving More to the Cloud

16 Jun, 2014

Software AG plans to soon offer a swath of business process integration capabilities via its own cloud integration service.

Eight Technologies Necessary to Boost Revenue and Market Share

12 Jun, 2014

By using a set of marketing tools and technologies that help you collect, own and activate data, you can finally achieve one-to-one marketing and boost your revenue and market share.

Why You Need to Allow Your IT Systems to Be Hacked (by the Good Guys)

12 Jun, 2014

When you start listening to the experiences of white-hat service providers, like Secure Ideas, you come to understand how vulnerable every system is.

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