The Conscious Leader: Nine Principles and Practices to Create a Wide-Awake and Productive Workplace

17 Jun, 2014

The excerpt from chapter 6 addresses the issue of diversity in the workplace, and the need for the capacity to relate to people who are from different worlds.

Software AG Sees BPI Moving More to the Cloud

16 Jun, 2014

Software AG plans to soon offer a swath of business process integration capabilities via its own cloud integration service.

Eight Technologies Necessary to Boost Revenue and Market Share

12 Jun, 2014

By using a set of marketing tools and technologies that help you collect, own and activate data, you can finally achieve one-to-one marketing and boost your revenue and market share.

Why You Need to Allow Your IT Systems to Be Hacked (by the Good Guys)

12 Jun, 2014

When you start listening to the experiences of white-hat service providers, like Secure Ideas, you come to understand how vulnerable every system is.

What I Learned at Facebook's Non-Social Non-BBQ: Facebook Doesn't Get Social

11 Jun, 2014

Social networking tools and press events were made for each other, but it seems that even at Facebook, they just don't know how to use the information they have to help themselves and their guests.

Nimble Storage Combines Best of Flash and Magnetic Storage

11 Jun, 2014

While Flash is a boon to the enterprise in terms of cost, it’s not like magnetic storage is going away any time soon.

HP Simplifies Encryption Management

10 Jun, 2014

By making it easier to apply encryption, HP is hoping organizations will more broadly adopt it.

Emerging Cyber Risks on the Minds of Risk Managers

10 Jun, 2014

The seventh annual Emerging Risks Survey results show what's behind the trend toward increased focus on cyber security risks among risk professionals.

HP Resurrects Apollo as a Supercomputer Platform

10 Jun, 2014

The rise of analytics in business environments has more organizations than ever looking into the merits of HPC server platforms.

Windows XP Migration Solutions Come About a Little Too Late

10 Jun, 2014

So many people fear OS migrations, and with good reason. Despite years of problems, companies are only now offering a solution.

Female Entrepreneur’s Advice to Other Women: Go It Alone

10 Jun, 2014

Two main pieces of advice from experience: Avoid business partners and do what it takes to be tech-savvy.

Pegasystems Extends Digital Business Process Reach

09 Jun, 2014

If organizations are going to succeed, they need to use IT to simplify existing business processes as opposed to deploying isolated pockets of applications that wind up making those processes more complicated.

Women in Technology: Could the Next Big Thing in Data Analytics Be HR?

05 Jun, 2014

Big Data analytics has the power not only to help make better decisions and improve the bottom line, but to make companies better places to work and to improve employees' lives.

Women: The New Power Behind Big Data Analytics

04 Jun, 2014

It should be obvious that a critical resource in creating, selling and implementing data analytics tools is the experts in the functional area in which it is implemented.

CEOs, Not CIOs, Drive Data Center Decisions, Study Finds

04 Jun, 2014

A study by Forrester Consulting found that data center purchasing decisions are more likely to be made by the CEO than by the CIO.

Cloud Startup Zenefits Aims to End HR Headaches

03 Jun, 2014

The firm is getting attention not only for its speedy funding rounds, but for its approach to making HR make more sense for small and mid-sized businesses.

SAP Looks to Simplify IT

03 Jun, 2014

What is driving all this passion for simplification is nothing less than the biggest economic opportunity in the history of mankind: an emerging New Economy.

The Digital Enterprise, Whatever It Is, Will Require Better Data

03 Jun, 2014

Whatever the digital enterprise becomes, CIOs can draw one conclusion: Data needs to be integrated, cleaned and service-enabled for fast access.

Bolt, Alcatel-Lucent Building FTTH Network in Rural Oklahoma

30 May, 2014

News this week includes the digital divide, ExtraHop, power management and solar roadways.

IBM’s New Cloud-Based Solution Offers to Manage Big Data Analytics for You

30 May, 2014

Data news this week includes IBM's huge Cloud Business Solutions package, figuring out MDM's stakeholders, Pentaho's first global conference, and MuleSoft's Salesforce solutions.

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