Looking Far Ahead: IBM’s Multi-Billion-Dollar Cloud/Big Data Analytics Strategic Initiative

11 Jul, 2014

The firm is a survivor largely because it is able to step outside of the day-to-day tactical concerns and invest in the world of tomorrow so it has a place in it.

2nd Watch Tool for AWS Adds Cost and Usage Tracking

11 Jul, 2014

2nd Watch can either provide the software an IT organization needs to manage AWS or it can do it on their behalf.

Can Internet of Things and Privacy Co-Exist?

10 Jul, 2014

Governmental regulation can't keep up with the pace of development. If it could, would it be effective?

Circumventing the IT Department: ‘It’s Kind of a Given’

10 Jul, 2014

When business units are directly seeking IT products and services, and they are, what are IT's options?

Top Managed Service Provider Trends and Challenges

09 Jul, 2014

The survey unveiled a common and consistent theme: MSPs want to increase revenue and find partners who will provide the support for success.

Infragistics Opens Enterprise Data to Mobile Users

09 Jul, 2014

A Mobile First movement in the enterprise is going to require IT organizations to deploy applications that  treat mobile devices just like any other client.

Salesforce.com Mobile App Reduces Sales Administrative Burden

08 Jul, 2014

Salesforce1 Mobile Reports & Dashboards gives sales users access to more relevant and timely reports.

Why Chromebooks Aren’t Selling

08 Jul, 2014

You might think that Windows XP migrations and school placements might be great boosts to Chromebook sales, but it's not going so well.

The Value of Information Governance: Finding the ROI

08 Jul, 2014

See how a proper information governance initiative can deliver a measurable and rapid ROI (return on investment) on key business case factors.

Are Organizations Paying Attention to the BYOD Security Challenge?

07 Jul, 2014

Plenty can be done to ensure that mobility and BYOD are reasonably secure. The question is whether organizations are methodically taking those steps.

Still Some Life in Traditional Data Infrastructure

07 Jul, 2014

Are we on a one-way street to a utility-style, all-cloud data center? Not hardly, at least not yet.

CRM Integration Still Major Barrier to Business Goals

07 Jul, 2014

Data integration with back-end systems is a major impediment.

Revenue from Remote Patient Monitoring to Hit $26.5 Billion in 2018

04 Jul, 2014

The news this week included growth in remote patient monitoring, mobility in education, high-speed network projects hitting bumps, texting over landline, and robot competitions.

Five Business-Savvy Ways to Add Strategic ‘Little Data’

04 Jul, 2014

Little data doesn’t have to be expensive or burdensome to be valuable.

How Much More Is Left to Moore’s Law?

03 Jul, 2014

The future of Moore’s Law has always been seen to have one foot on an engineering banana peel.

Why the Security Problem Has Shifted from Microsoft to Google

02 Jul, 2014

If we don’t understand why something exists, we can’t avoid the same mistakes ourselves.

Logentries Simplifies Sharing of System Log Insights

01 Jul, 2014

Rather than reinventing the log data analysis wheel for every event, Logentries enables IT organizations to leverage the insights gained from that data in perpetuity.

Facebook and GM: Do We Need a Don’t Do Something Stupid Department?

01 Jul, 2014

After the news this week about Facebook and GM, Rob Enderle thinks large companies need a department that points out acts of stupidity.

More Privacy in Apple’s iOS 8

27 Jun, 2014

News this week included increased security for iOS 8, Supreme Court rulings on cell phone privacy and Aereo, Android Auto and sentient computers.

Female Tech Exec’s Advice for Women: Assert Yourself and Scrutinize Right Back

27 Jun, 2014

Tech exec Kira Makagon gives women advice on starting a business and moving up within the ranks of tech companies.

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